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BIOL 101 Quiz 8 Liberty University Complete Answers Press Ctrl + F and type your questions and then press enter to get your answers. You can also navigate through various paper posted below Quest... ion 1 Interspecific competition is defined as Selected Answer: interaction in which both species use the same resource and are thus both negatively affected. Question 2 The functional role of a species within its habitat is referred to as its Selected Answer: niche. Question 3 Species of warblers (birds) living in the same general region minimize their interspecific competition by Selected Answer: foraging in different zones on the same spruce trees. Question 4 A good example of commensalism would be the relationship between Selected Answer: the wildebeest and Thompson’s gazelle. Question 5 In the minds of design theorists, separate clades (large groups) derive from Selected Answer: separate concepts in the Mind of a Designer [Show More]

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