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HAZWOPER 40 - Final Exam Questions and Answers (2022/2023) (Passed with 100%)

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HAZWOPER 40 - Final Exam Questions and Answers (2022/2023) (Passed with 100%) Chronic responses to chemical exposures occurs only a short time after exposure. ✔✔False Which of the following is... NOT on the "to-do" list for solvents? ✔✔Keep solvents in a nonventilated area. A corrosive is a substance, usually a liquid, which is capable of completely dissolving another substance. ✔✔True Which of the following is NOT a way to protect yourself from toxins? ✔✔Conduct all activities with the maximum amount of PPE possible. Which class of helmets has no resistance to electrical voltage? ✔✔Class C Toxic dose is the same for every living thing ✔✔False Which of the following is NOT a step that should be covered in an emergency response procedure? ✔✔Clarification An OSHA standard dealing with general slip and fall protection would be an example of ______. ✔✔Horizontal A change in season, weather, or changes in job tasks are examples of reassessment indicators for a site. ✔✔True The contingency plan should include ______ personnel. ✔ [Show More]

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