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ACLS Questions and Answers (2022/2023) with Verified Solutions

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ACLS Questions and Answers (2022/2023) with Verified Solutions 1. Which type of atrioventricular block best describes this rhythm? Second degree type II 2. Your patient is in cardiac arrest and ha... s been intubated. To assess CPR quality, which should you do? Monitor the patient's PETCOS 12-lead 3. Which facility is the most appropriate EMS destination for a patient with sudden cardiac arrest who achieved return of spontaneous circulation in the fleld? Coronary reperfusion-capable medical center 4 Which of the following signs is a likely indicator of cardiac arrest in an unresponsive patient? Agonal gasps 5. Which type of atrioventricular block best describes this rhythm? Second-degroe atrioventricular block type I 6 To property ventlate a patient with a perfusing rhythm, how often do you squeeze the bag? Once avery 5 to 6 seconds 7 In addition to clinical assessment, which is the most reliable method to confirm and monitor correct placement of an andotracheal tube? Continuous waveform capnography 8. You are caring for a patient with a suspected stroke whose symptoms started 2 hours ago. The CT scan was normal, with no signs of hemorrhage. The patient does not have any contraindications to fibrinolytic therapy. Which treatment approach is best for this patient? Start fibrinolytic therapy as soon as possible 9 Which best describes this rhythm? Third-degree atrioventricular block 10. What is the recommended range from which a temperature should be selected and maintained constantly to achieve targeted temperature management after cardiac arrest? 32 C to 36 C 11. Which is the recommended first intravenous dose of amiodarone for a patient with refractory ventricular fibrillation? 300 mg 12 Which is the primary purpose of a medical emergency team or rapid response team? Improving patient outcomes by identifying and treating early clinical deterioration 13. Which is the recommended next step after a defibrillation attempt? Resume CPR, starting with chest compressions 14, EMS providers are treating a patient with suspected stroke. According to the Adult Suspected Stroke Algorithm, which critical action performed by the EMS team will expedite this patient's care on arrival and reduce the time to treatment? Alert the hospital access 15. A responder is caring for a patient with a history of congestive heart failure. The patient is experiencing shortness of breath, a blood pressure of 68/50 mm Hg, and a heart rate of 190/min. The patent's lead il ECG is displayed here. Which best characterizes this patient's rhythm? Unstable supraventricular tachycardia ? 16. Your rescue team arrives to find a 59-year-old man lying on the kitchen floor. You determine that he is unresponisive, Which is the next stop in your assessment and management of this patient Check the patients breathing and pulse 17 Which best describes the length of time it should take to perform a pulse check during the BLS Assessment? 5-10 seconds 18 You Instruct a tean member to give 0.5 mg atropine IV. Which response is an example of closed loop communication? Ill draw up 0.5 mg of atropine 19. What is an effect of excessive ventlation? Decreased cardiac output 20. If a team member is about to make a mistake during a resuscitation atternpt which best describes the action that the team leader or other team members should take? Address the team member immediately 21. Which best descrbes this rhythm? A Monomorphic ventricular tachycardia 22. For STEMI pationts, which best describes the recommended maximum goal tme for emergency department door-to-baloon infation time for percutaneous coronary intervention? 90 minutes 23. Which is the maximum interval you should allow for an internuption in chest compressions? 10 seconds 24. Which is one way to minimize intemuptions in chest compressione during CPR? Continue CPR while the dofibrilator charges 25 Which best describes an action taken by the team leader to avold inelficiencies during a resuscitation attermpl? Clearly delegate tasks 26. Which is an acceptable melthod of selecting an appropriately sized oropharyngeal ainway? Measure from the coner of the outh to the angle of the mandible 27. You are evauating a 58-year-old man with chst discomort His blood pressure is 92/50 mm Hg his breathmin and his pulse oximetry reading is 97% heart rate is 92in his nonlabored reapiratory rate is 14. Which assessment step is most important now? Obtaining a 12 lead ECG 28 A patient in respatory distress and with a blood pressure of 70/50 mm Hg presents with the lead ECG II shown here Which is the appropriat treament? Performing synchronized cardioversion 29. During post-cardac arrest cere, which is the recommended duration of targeted temperature management after reaching the corect temperature range? Al least 24 hours 30 Three minutes into a cardiac arrest resusiation atternpt one member of your team inserts an endotracheal fube while another performs chest compressions. Capnography shows a persistont wavefom and a PETCOs of 8mm Hg Which is the significance of this finding? Chest compressions may not be effective 31. Which is the recommended oral dose of aspirin for a patient with a suspected acute coronary syndrome? 160 mg to 325 mg 32. A team member is unable to perform an assigned task because it is beyond the team member's scope of practice. Which action shoudd the team member take? Ask for a new task or role 33. As the team leader, when do you tell the chest compressors to switch? About every 2 minutes 34. You are performing chest compressions during an adult resuscitation attempt. Which rate should you Use to perform the compressions? 100-120/min 35. A patient is being rosuscitated in a very noisy environment. A team momber thinks he heard an order for 500 mg of amiodarone IV. Which is the best response from the team member? I have an order to give 500 mg of amiodarone IV. Is this correct? 36. A patent in stable narrow-complex tachycardia with a peripheral IV in place is refractory to dose of adenosine. Which dose would you administer next? 12 mg 37. A patient has a witnessed loss of consciousness. The lead II ECG reveals this rhythm. Which is the appropriate treatment? Defibrillation 38. Which of these tests should be performed for a patient with suspected stroke within 25 minutes of hospital arival? Noncontrast CT scan of the head 39. What is the minimum systolic blood pressure one should attempt to achieve with fluild administration or vasoactive agents in a hypotensive post-cardiac arest patient who achieves return of spontaneous circulation? 90 mm Hg 40. You have completed 2 minutes of CPR. The ECG monitor displays the lead Il rhythem shown here, and the patient has no pulse. Another member of your team resumes chest comprossions, and an IV is in place Which do you do next? Give epinephrine 1 mg IV 41. Based on this pationt's initial presentation which condition do you suspect led to the cardiac arrest? Acute coronary syndrome 42 In addition to defibrilation, which intervention should be performed immediately Chest coompressions 43. Despite 2 defibriliation attempts, the pationt remains in ventricular fibrillation Which drug and dose should you administer first to this patient? Epinephrine 1 mg 44. Despite the dnug provided above and continued CPR, the patient remains in ventricular fibrillation Which other drug should be administened next? Amiodarone 300 mg 45. The patient has relurn of spontanoous cration and is not able to follow commandsWhich immedite post-cardiac amest care intervention do you choose for this patient? Initiate targeted tomperture management 46. Which would you have done fist if the patient had not gone into ventricular fibrulaiition? Performed synchronized cardioversion [Show More]

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