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Finite Mathematics & Its Applications, 12e Larry Goldstein, David Schneider, Martha Siegel, Steven Hair (Solution Manual)

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Finite Mathematics is a comprehensive yet flexible text for students majoring in business, economics, life science, or social sciences. Its varied and relevant applications are designed to pique and h... old student interest, and the depth of coverage provides a solid foundation for students’ future coursework and careers. Built-in, optional instruction for the latest technology―graphing calculators, spreadsheets, and Wolfram|Alpha―gives instructors flexibility in deciding how to integrate these tools into their course. Thousands of well-crafted exercises–a hallmark of this text–are available in print and online in MyLab™ Math to enable a wide range of practice in skills, applications, concepts, and technology. In the 12th Edition, new co-author Steve Hair (Pennsylvania State University) brings a fresh eye to the content and MyLab™ Math course based on his experience in the classroom. In addition to its updated applications, exercises, and technology coverage, the revision infuses modern topics such as health statistics and content revisions based on user feedback. The authors relied on aggregated student usage and performance data from MyLab™ Math to improve the quality and quantity of exercises. [Show More]

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