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Introductory Mental Health Nursing 4th Edition Womble Kincheloe Test Bank

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Introductory Mental Health Nursing 4th Edition Womble Kincheloe Test Bank Chapter 1 Mental Health and Mental Illness 1. When studying mental health and mental illness, the student nurse learns tha... t which of the following is evidence of our mental health? A) Our ability to function well with others B) Our ability to defend what we believe C) Our ability to perform demanding tasks on the job D) Our ability to defend those weaker than we are 2. A mental health nurse is teaching a class in anger management. She teaches the patients that recognizing what triggers their anger response allows them to do which of the following? A) Manipulate the situation to get what you want B) Stand up for ones beliefs against the cultural beliefs of a community C) Gives them the opportunity to gain control of their anger D) Control the things that trigger their anger 3. Which of the following are factors that could be part of a persons cultural identity? (Select all that apply.) A) Common family customs B) Common language C) Common stressors D) Gender E) Adaptive resources 4. What would a culturally competent nurse know that some cultural and ethnic groups feel that mental illness is caused by? A) Demon possession B) Pretense C) The stars D) Hypnosis [Show More]

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