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HESI Health Assessment Exam 2023-2024 |Guarantee A+ score Guide

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6. a nurse is teaching a client about risk factors for osteoporosis. Which of the following factors should the nurse include in the teaching? SATA ➢ Aging ➢ Low vitamin A ➢ Eating rainbow Col... ored meals ➢ Sedentary lifestyle ➢ Smoking 7. a nurse is off duty finds a woman has collapsed and has right sided weakness and slurred speech. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? ➢ Drive the client to the nearest emergency department ➢ Help the client from the ground ➢ Call emergency services ➢ test the clients grip strength 8. the nurse is completing a functional assessment on an older client. Which of he following is common adaption for aging when getting up from a sitting chair? ➢ Client puts feet close together and ricks forward to get up ➢ Client reaches forward to grab onto an object to push up ➢ Clein leans backwards then forward in rocking fashion to get up ➢ Client uses arms to push off chair’s arms [Show More]

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