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Notary Signing Agent Certification Study Guide: Part 1 Questions and Answers Graded A+

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Notary Signing Agent Certification Study Guide: Part 1 Questions and Answers Graded A+ Notary Signing Agent ✔✔A notary who specifically trained to handle and notarized loan documents; plays a ... critical role in many mortgage transactions nationwide The Five Requirements ✔✔The created five standards required of all NNA NSA candidates: 1. Signing and adhering today the notary signing agent code of conduct 2. Passing and annual certification examination 3. Submitting to an annual background screening 4. Using the signing presentation guidelines 5. Owning notary errors and omissions insurance converse 1: Signing and Adhering to the Code or Conduct ✔✔To begin your certification process the first document you will want to familiarize yourself with is the Notary Signing Code of Conduct; it has become a requirement for certification that all NSAs read through it and sign, starting that he or she promises to abide by the Code in his or her professional practice 2: Passing the Annual Certification Exam ✔✔The exam contains 45 questions, meaning you must correctly answer 36 of them to pass; you are required to obtain 80% 3: Submitting to a Background Screening ✔✔Within 24 hours of registration, you will receive an email directing you to the secure website of the NNA background screening provider. This where you will submit the information required to imitate your screening process The entire background screening is usually complete within 5 - 10 business days 4: The Signing Presentation Guidelines ✔✔These guidelines cover 27 documents commonly found in a refinance loan package 5: Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance Coverage ✔✔Many leaders, title companies and signing services require Notary Signing Agents to carry a Notary errors and omissions insurance policy, typically with a $25,000 coverage limit Chapter 2: Getting Started as an NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent ✔✔Part 1: Standards of Practice and NSA Professionalism Professional Licenses ✔✔NSAs must obtain and maintain all licenses and commissions required to perform signing services in your state or jurisdiction Background Screening ✔✔You are required to have background screenings of your identity, residence, record of state or federal criminal arrests and convictions, state motor vehicle records and a check of your name against pertinent lists as required by rules implemtnting the USA Patriot Act Notary and Federal Laws and Regulations ✔✔•Gramm - Leach Bailey Act (GLBA) •Truth - In lending Act (TILA) •Real Estate Settlement Provedures Act (RESPA) •Fair and Accurate Credit and Transactions Act (FACTA) • Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropiate Tools Reaquired to Intervept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Certification ✔✔You must earn and maintain any certifications needed to service contracting companies and parties to the transaction; find out what certifications your contracting companies require or certify in an annual basis; you will then be qualified for even the most stringent of contracting companies Closing Documents ✔✔You must be careful to never provide signing parties, which could be constructed as the unauthorized practice of law The NNA Loan Documents At A Glance and the Presentation Guidelines ✔✔Both are resources that will help determine what questions you are able to answer Supervising Attorney ✔✔If required by low or rule in your state or jurisdiction you must submit to the surpervision of an attorney Truthful Personal Assessment ✔✔Never misinterpret your background, education, training or expertise in an application or interview, or post inaccurate claims on your company website or other propositional materials you distribute Use of Professional or Improper Designation ✔✔You cannot advertise or promote any services or make false, misleading, nonexistent or meaningless designations or certifications you have no received or earned Observation of Rules of Use ✔✔You may not suggest to a borrower or contracting company that you are either an employee or a certified NSA if you are not, and therefore many not place a logo on a business card or name plate Solicitation of Outside Business ✔✔You shouldn't directly or indirectly signers for products other than the services you have been hired to perform Establish Fees in Advance ✔✔Be sure your fee is pre determined with your contracting company and confirmed in your work contract before you head out to an assignment Invoicing and Collection of Fees ✔✔Should be completed in a way that's compliant with the contract you have established ahead of time with the company Collusion ✔✔You must never collide or conspire wi th other Notary Signing Agents to see gees for signing services Refusing an Assignment ✔✔If unable to meet all expectations of the contracting company, including but not limited to, prompt arrival at a set tune, printing services, and providing copies of the closing documents you must refuse the assignment Overbooking ✔✔Make sure you have ample time to cross town at rush hour and give extra time to loan signings such as reverse mortgages for elderly borrowers Canceling/ Rescheduling ✔✔*try to avoid Notify the contracting company rather than the signed Signing Scripts ✔✔Follow any closing scripts provided by the contracting company Professional Communication and Attire ✔✔You should always maintain a level of professionalism in all of your verbal and written communications [Show More]

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