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NUR 2407 / NUR2407 Pharmacology Exam 2 Review | Latest 2021 / 2022 | Rasmussen College

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NUR 2407 / NUR2407 Pharmacology Exam 2 Review | Latest 2021 / 2022 | Rasmussen College 1. Tachycardia, hypertension, palpitations, and seizures are all adverse reactions of this thyroid condition ... - Thyroid Storm 2. This can be caused when antibiotics are taken for viral infections, stopped prior to therapy condition, or the same medication is used over and over - Resistance 3. Patient education for this hormone replacement drug is to take the lowest dose possible to achieve the intended effect and to not take for more than 5 years - Premarin 4. Patient education for this drug includes it can turn urine orange and painful bladder spasms should be reduced - Pyridium 5. This is the next step for anyone who may have been exposed to tuberculosis - Have a PPD performed 6. Patients taking this antibiotic should be educated on using a barrier-method form of birth control - Tetracycline 7. If a patient who is taking an antibiotic notices raised, itchy, red bumps on their body, you should educate the patient to do this - Stop the medication and notify their provider 8. A term that means, to slow bacteria Bacteriostatic 9. A term that means, to kill the bacteria - Bactericidal 10. A term that refers to a type of infection difficult to treat and often resistant to multiple drugs - Superinfection 11. A potentially life threatening allergic reaction that causes mucous membrane swelling and airway constriction - Anaphylaxis 12. The name of a serious side effect of antibiotic use that causes blistering skin and mucous membrane rash - Steven Johnson syndrome [Show More]

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