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Indemnity Payment - Correct Answer Payment made on behalf of the policy holder Liability - Correct Answer A legal responsibility Negligence - Correct Answer An act or failure to act that deviate... s from the standard of care Nursing Malpractice - Correct Answer A nurse's negligence or any intentional act that causes physical, financial, emotional, psychosocial, and/or cognitive damage to the person in the nurse's care Respondeat Superior - Correct Answer An employer is legally responsible for the nurse employee only when: o The nurse acts within the scope of practice o Any allegations brought against the nurse occurred during the nurse's employment o The nurse's actions were within the employer's best interests. Tort - Correct Answer A breach of duty to another person as outlined by law What are the four elements of malpractice? - Correct Answer • Duty • Breach of duty • The breach of duty caused an injury • The injury was harmful to the patient Elements of Informed Consent - Correct Answer • Must be obtained by the licensed professional who is performing the procedure • The patient must give consent voluntarily with the full understanding of all implications • Must include o Diagnosis o Proposed treatment o Treatment alternatives o Consequences of accepting or declining the proposed treatment Five Rights of Delegation - Correct Answer Right task Right circumstance Right person Right communication and direction Right supervision and evaluation Four types of patient privacy health care providers and personnel have an ethical and legal responsibility to always maintain - Correct Answer • Medical information • Physical exposure [Show More]

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