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Certification Course for Playground Safety Inspectors Exam Questions with Correct Answers 2023

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Certification Course for Playground Safety Inspectors Exam Questions with Correct Answers 2023 What was the first equipment recommended to be removed for safety reasons? Answer: Giant Stride Whe... n was the first edition of the CPSI manual made? Answer: 1981 F 1292 Answer: Method to test impact Attenuation of safety surfacing F 1951 Answer: Method to test wheelchair accessibility on Safety Surfacing for Playgrounds. 51 sana F 2075 Answer: Engineered wood fiber safety surfacing. 75 engineer F 2223 Answer: Guide for ASTM standards on Playground surfacing F 2049 Answer: Guide for fencing / barriers for playgrounds f1918 Answer: contained play systems ( 9 trapped) F1148 Answer: residential play equipment Inspectors will be able to rank the hazard according to ? Answer: the injury potential What does a comprehensive program of playground safety include? Answer: -Audits -Inspections -Maintenance What is anthropometrics? Answer: study of the measurement of the human body What is the percent of injuries caused by falls on playgrounds? Answer: 79% 11% of falls of caused by? Answer: impact #1 cause of death? Answer: entanglement (ropes, strings, clothing) #3 cause of death Answer: entrapment #2 cause of death Answer: falls onto hard underlying surfaces #4 cause of death Answer: impact by ti pped or loose equipment or moving swings What is the most common cause of injury on public playgrounds? Answer: Falls What is the most common cause ofp layground fatalities? Answer: Entanglement What is the reference for the document when selecting a surfacing system to be installed in a public playground? Answer: F2223 What is a priority 1 Hazard? Answer: A readily accessible hazard that would cause an accident which would result in death, brain damage, loss of vision or speech or limb, and organ destruction Another word for probability: Answer: likelihood [Show More]

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