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ATI Teas 6 Reading, Math, Science & English Sections Study Guide - Summer 2021

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ATI Teas 6 Study Guide: Reading, Math, Science & English Sections - Summer 2021(UPDATED) Ati Teas Study Guide: Reading Section: Passages that you might have: King Henry VII- Expository ● The word i... nfamous in the passage means – Notorious Social Media- Persuasive ● It’s talki ng how now of days there’s a lot of news on the internet, which some are true and some are fakes. People just share them depends on how they feel about it. ● It’s trying to get people to fact checking before just posting random information. (By Tamika Y.) UFO- Narrative ● It’s talking about aliens, and an old man that got lost. (READ THE PASSAGE, Is on The GROUP :) Greek Theater- Expository The robbery passage (Dog and Humans are Best friend)- Persuasive ● When it asks how would you rename this passage answer is (Jewel Thief on the Lose) Frida Kahlo- Expository/ Informative ● They will ask you to put her life in chronological order and the answer to that question is: First, she got hit by a train; Next, she started drawing pictures of herself; Then, she married Diego. (Credit to Tamika Young for this) Casino Passage- Persuasive ● It’s trying to explain how is better to go to a Casino then buying a lottery ticket. Buying a lottery ticket, you have a lowest change of winning than going to a Casino and playing. The Chili Recipe- Expository ● Read carefully the Recipe and the questions. ● One of the answers is to rinse the beans first. Central Park Passage- Expository / Informative ● All I remember is that it’s a famous park in New York. ● The passage will ask you to put the sentences in chronological order. (By Tamika Y.) Time ManagementChimney PassageType of Passages: ● Expository: Something you find in an academic journal, a recipe, etc. (Very technical) (Teach, Inform, or explain.) ● Technical: Is like following steps to complete something. ● Narrative: Telling a story and entertain ● Persuasive: Making you believe something or to do something. ● Descriptive: Give physical details or provide unique characteristics Most know this: ● Author Purpose: His reason to write a specific topic. ● Theme: The subject to talk, a piece of writing, a person thoughts. ● Topic: that part of a sentence about which something is said. (a conversation) ● Main Idea: Is usually in the first sentence, overall idea of the paragraph. ● Fact: Something that it can be prove is true. ● Opinion:,,,,,,,download for more [Show More]

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