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TEST BANK FOR BASIC NURSING 2ND EDITION BY TREAS..................................................................... Chapter 2. Critical Thinking & the Nursing Process

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Chapter 2. Critical Thinking & the Nursing Process MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which characteristic do the various definitions of critical thinking have in common? 1) Requires reasoned thought 2) Asks the ... questions “why?” or “how?” 3) Is a hierarchical process 4) Demands specialized thinking skills 2. A few nurses on a unit have proposed to the nurse manager that the process for documenting care on the unit be changed. They have described a completely new system. The nurse should have a critical attitude because it helps the manager to do which item? 1) Consider all the possible advantages and disadvantages. 2) Maintain an open mind about the proposed change. 3) Apply the nursing process to the situation. 4) Make a decision based on past experience with documentation. 3. The nurse has just been assigned to the clinical care of a newly admitted patient. To know how to best care for the patient, the nurse uses the nursing process. Which step would the nurse probably do first? 1) Assessment 2) Diagnosis 3) Plan outcomes 4) Plan interventions 4. Which is an example of theoretical knowledge? 1) A nurse uses sterile technique to catheterize a patient. 2) Room air has an oxygen concentration of 21%. 3) Glucose monitoring machines should be calibrated daily. 4) An irregular apical heart rate should be compared with the radial pulse [Show More]

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