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NR 533 Week 7 Business Plan Assignment (Summer 2020), Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations-Chamberlain College of Nursing

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Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to develop a business plan for a quality improvement project, program, or service related to an area of student interest within the selected healthcare organi... zation. I. Requirements: Address all components of the business plan as outlined in Preparing the Paper. Refer to the Business Plan Worksheet, available for download on the Course Resources page, as needed to complete the assignment. This paper will be graded on quality and completeness of information, accuracy of any required calculations, use of citations, use of standard English grammar, sentence structure, and organization based on the required components. Create this assignment using Microsoft Word, which is the required format for all Chamberlain documents. You can tell that the document is saved as an MS Word document because it will end . Use of Turn It In is required for this assignment. Use the draft TII portal prior to final submission. This allows you to check for similarity index to other works and helps you identify areas that need to be referenced. See the Turn It In guidelines under Course Resources. Submit the final paper to the Files by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT. Any questions about this paper may be discussed in the weekly Q & A forum under Discussions. Once your paper has been submitted to Files, you are not allowed to resubmit to that portal without express approval by the faculty. The length of the paper is to be no greater than six pages including the appendices, but excludes title page and reference page. Extra pages will not be read nor graded by the instructor. Content beyond the page limit will not be considered part of the paper. APA format (6 edition) is required in this assignment, including a title page and a reference page. Use headings for the sections of the paper according to APA format. Remember that the introduction does require a heading. See the APA manual for details of formatting. You may also refer to Guidelines for Writing Professional Papersfound in Course Resources. A complete paper will contain all components outlined under Preparing the Paper. II. Preparing the paper A business plan is a detailed plan for a proposed program, project, or service. The following sections should … clearly present with headings and complete. Use the headings provided in the outline below. I. Introduction/Overview a. Purpose of assignment b. PICOT c. Purpose of business plan d. What will … included II. Proposal a. Cover letter b. Executive Summary III. Detailed Abstract a. Two types analyses b. Marketing and financial plans IV. Appendices a. Financial tables b. Graphs/charts V. Conclusion a. What was covered in the plan b. Strengths and weaknesses of the plan c. Approach for approval 1. Clearly introduce your business-plan assignment in the Overview section. This should be no longer that one paragraph. Include purpose of your assignment, PICOT as basis for and purpose business plan; and what will … covered in the assignment. 2. Include a clearly articulated cover letter written in business letter format, active voice and exactly as it would … read by leadership. Include overview of issue, proposed solution, and action request. 3. Present a captivating executive summary that is interesting and captures the interest of leadership and draws them in to read further. Content includes (1) a description of the proposed project, program, or service, (2) why it is being proposed, and (3) what outcomes are most likely to occur as a result. 4. Detailed Abstract expands the three areas of the executive summary. a. Expand description of project purpose b. Issue/problem defined; supportive evidence for project c. Expected outcomes and project timeline d. Marketing/needs analyses and plans at least two strategies e. Fit with mission of organization f. Fit with current services g. Financial plan including budgetary needs h. Financial impact on stakeholders (organization, patients, unit of service, community) i. Break-even analysis and cost/benefit analysis results with reference to actual budget and analysis in appendices 5. Appendices should include any financial tables, charts, or graphs, or other supporting documents referred to in the detailed abstract. 6. Conclusion for the paper includes an overview of what was covered in the paper, strengths and weaknesses of the plan, and plan for seeking proposal approval. 7. The paper length will be six pages maximum including the appendices and excluding title and reference page(s). Note: If you go over the paper length, the additional information will not … read nor considered for part of you grade by the instructor. 8. Title and reference page(s) must be in APA format (6 edition). 9. Use 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins on all sides of the paper. 10. Note: After submitting your assignment to Files, please upload your completed executive summary into the Week 8 designated Discussion to share with your peers. [Show More]

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