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Cardiac dysrhythmia management & pacemakers year 2023

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Cardiac dysrhythmia management & pacemakers year 2023 Cardiac dysrhythmias  Students to review slides 4-29 prior to class: this content will not be covered in NUR 4120  Normal sinu... s rhythm • Answers to evaluation of rhythm will always be within normal limits • Rate: 60-100bpm Sinus node dysrhythmias  Sinus bradycardia • HR < 60 bpm • Sinus node creates impulse at slower than normal rate • Characteristics of NSR but a slower rate  Etiology: sinus bradycardia • Sleep • Athletic training • Hypothyroidism • Vagal stimulation  Vomiting, suctioning, pain • Medication  CCB (decrease HR/BP), amiodarone, beta-blockers • Increased intracranial pressure • CAD/Acute MI [Show More]

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