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Chapter 24- Nursing Management of the Newborn at Risk QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 2023-2024

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.A newborn with severe meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS. is not responding to conventional treatment. Which of the following would the nurse anticipate as possibly necessary for this newborn? A) Ext... racorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) B) Respiratory support with a ventilator C) Insertion of a laryngoscope for deep suctioning D) Replacement of an endotracheal tube via x-ray Ans: A Feedback: If conventional measures are ineffective, then the nurse would need to prepare the newborn for ECMO. Hyperoxygenation, ventilatory support, and suctioning are typically used initially to promote tissue perfusion. However, if these are ineffective, ECMO would be the next step. 2. Which of the following would the nurse expect to assess in a newborn who develops sepsis? A) Increased urinary output B) Interest in feeding C) Hypothermia D) Wakefulness Ans: C Feedback: Manifestations of sepsis are typically nonspecific and may include hypothermia (temperature instability), oliguria or anuria, lack of interest in feeding, and lethargy. [Show More]

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