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Test for Agile E1 Certification TCS

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Test for Agile E1 Certification TCS Agile E1 Q. How does an agile team obtain clarity on backlog ítems that may be picked up in upcoming iterations? Q. When a product owner adds a new feature/idea... in the backlog and brings it up for discussion during refinement sesión, how should a team respond. - Q. What is the set conditions that must be met before any product increment is considered complete and ready for use called? Q. Given a piece of work to be executed in agile, how would you form the agile team? - Q. When multiple team members are working on a related feature, how often should they integrate their work? - Q. What is meant by an iteration Goal? - Q. When you have more than one agile team working on a single product, which one of the following should be considered? Q. In a team, if someone gets stuck with the selected tasks for the iteration, what is the inmediate next step? Q. What would be a standard way for anyone outside an agile team, for example, Delivery Partner of the account, Head of the Enablement Function, to get the status of a work at any point of time? Q. Which among the following is a recommended way to run retrospectives? - Q. What would be a suggested way to share and sustain knowledge with memebers in a team? Q. How does an agile team maintain requirements? - Q. How does the team know what to work upon during the iteration? Q. In anagile team, who is responsable for tracking the tasks? Q. What do you think is a good way for team members to remain updated on work status at any given time? - Q. You are asked to bring in agile way of workingin into the way a meeting runs, which one among the listed options will you implement? Q. How should a team have quality built into its deliverables. Q. For any meeting (other than the agile events) that team members have among them, what are the points to consider? Select two options. Q. Which two options best describe iteration duration? - Q. In a team that follows agile, how would a team member know that others are working on? Select two options. - Q. In the middle of the iteration. How should a team handle requirement changes from the customer? Q. What happens if the offshore team members are not able to participate in the iteration demo due to time zone infraestucture issues? . [Show More]

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