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PHI 105 Fallacies In Everyday Life Quiz (Version 1), Topic 4 Quiz: Grand Canyon University

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PHI 105 Topic 4 Quiz: Fallacies In Everyday Life Quiz (Version 1) 1. “There are two types of students- the student that works really hard and does well and the student that does nothing and fail... s.” a. Either/Or Fallacy b. Slippery Slope c. Extravagant Hypothesis d. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc 2. Robert made his first purchase on ebay and the package did not arrive on time. Robert says he will not purchase another product on ebay because they never arrive on time. a. Appeal to Ignorance b. Appeal to Tradition c. The Fallacy of Composition d. Hasty Generalization 3. The top four leaders of a University were chosen to work on a project together. Since they are the best leaders they should be the perfect team to complete the project. a. The Fallacy of Composition b. Bandwagon Appeal c. Appeal to Authority d. Extravagant Hypothesis 4. A couple recently put in a pool in their backyard. Since the pool was put in, they have had quite a few rabbits hopping around the yard. They determined that the pool must have attracted the rabbits to their yard. a. Is/Ought Fallacy b. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc c. Circular Reasoning d. Appeal to Ignorance 5. Most public schools have embraced the policy that students cannot bring in homemade treats to handout to the class. Some parents are upset by this because they think if they won’t allow students to bring homemade snacks for other students, they will continue to make more rules until students can’t even bring in their own lunch. a. Bandwagon Appeal b. Fallacy of Division c. Slippery Slope d. False Analogy 6. There must be other universes in outer space since there is no evidence to prove that there are not any other universes. a. Appeal to Ignorance b. Either/Or Fallacy c. Post Hoc Ergo Propter d. The Genetic Fallacy 7. Joseph ran for President of his high school’s senior class. When Joseph’s opponent, Sandra, won the election he felt that the voting was rigged and that the people distributing ballots must have told students to vote for Sandra or they may have bribed the voters with candy. a. Circular Reasoning b. Extravagant Hypothesis c. False Analogy d. Post Hoc Ergo Propter 8. Ms. Jones teaches math by giving students daily timed tests to help them learn addition and subtraction facts. When another teacher asked why she doesn’t use the new manipulatives available to teach students how to add and subtract, Ms. Jones replied “I don’t know, that’s just the way I have always taught the addition and subtraction facts!” a. Hasty Generalization b. The Fallacy of Composition c. Appeal to Tradition d. Bandwagon Appeal 9. Michael Phelps, a popular Olympic swimmer acts in commercials to promote a shampoo. Promoting products using famous people as a sales tactic is an example of: a. Either/Or Fallacy b. Circular Reasoning c. Slippery Slope d. Appeal to Authority 10. Mike left work 15 minutes early because everyone else seemed to leave at least 15 minutes early on Fridays so he figured it must be okay to do. a. Bandwagon Appeal b. Appeal to Tradition c. Is/Ought Fallacy d. Extravagant Hypothesis [Show More]

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