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CPCE Study Guide Exam 68 Questions with Answer 2023 What is the most common form of prejudice? - CORRECT ANSWER Verbal behavior What is the most notable counseling honor society? - CORRECT ANS... WER Chi Sigma Iota Erikson's first stage of development - CORRECT ANSWER Trust vs Mistrust What will a child in Erikson 2nd stage of life most likely deal with - CORRECT ANSWER Autonomy and the development of independence What is countertransference? - CORRECT ANSWER When a counselor projects onto a client What group is predicted to be the largest growing group in the next 25 years? - CORRECT ANSWER Asians What is Super associated with? - CORRECT ANSWER career rainbow, self-concept, lifespan, life-roles Asian's prefer which type of therapy? - CORRECT ANSWER Family therapy Seeing one through a lens view - CORRECT ANSWER World view Tripartite Developmental Model - CORRECT ANSWER A model that describes three roles that parents can play in their children's development: interactive partner, direct instructor, and provider of opportunities. Tripartite Model of Multicultural Counseling - CORRECT ANSWER - Awareness of all cultural bias - Skills counselor can use and nonverbal cultural components - Knowledge of client's culture/background When is it appropriate to use self-disclosure? - CORRECT ANSWER Only when it benefits the client A counselor wants to evaluate the effectiveness of a program to see if it was beneficial to the clients. What type of evaluation tool would be most appropriate? - CORRECT ANSWER Needs Assessment Which is broader? Career or occupation? - CORRECT ANSWER Career Who invented the trait and factor theory? - CORRECT ANSWER Parsons Where do you find information about a specific test? - CORRECT ANSWER Mental measurement yearbook The person who is most responsible for a research project? - CORRECT ANSWER The principle researcher What is the national research act of 1974? - CORRECT ANSWER - prompted by the Tuskegee Study - created a commission to oversee ethical conduct and misconduct in research with human participants A primary benefit of converting raw scores to standard scores is that it facilitates - CORRECT ANSWER Interpretation of the results relative to a normal distribution Quasi-experimental design - CORRECT ANSWER An experiment that does not require random assignment to conditions. Cultural identity development models typically start with what stage? - CORRECT ANSWER Conformity A group leader can best enhance a group member's participation by - CORRECT ANSWER Modeling appropriate behaviors A basic assumption for the trait and factor approach to vocational counseling is that - CORRECT ANSWER There is one best career for everyone Accurate empathy - CORRECT ANSWER counselor can truly understand what the client is feeling or experiencing; nonjudgemental acceptance of reality Mike, a group member in his 20's tells a group member about a support group and a coping strategy he finds beneficial. This an example of which curative factor? - CORRECT ANSWER Imparting of information Ecosystemic Approach - CORRECT ANSWER The therapeutic view that it is important to attend to the individual, family's relationship, and to the larger systems like community, school, and work. Class-bound values - CORRECT ANSWER core beliefs of one socioeconomic class that relate principally to that class and may be inappropriate for another level of socioeconomic status How does the ethical guidelines best refer to "counseling" in the supervisee and supervisor relationship? - CORRECT ANSWER The supervisee should focus on work and supervision related topics instead of outside and personal issues. Client mentions that he has a gun, and says "my wife is going to pay." The counselor has: - CORRECT ANSWER A duty to warn Split-half reliability - CORRECT ANSWER A measure of reliability in which a test is split into two parts and an individual's scores on both halves are compared. In the Solomon Four Group which type of test does not have the the between groups design? - CORRECT ANSWER pretest only group Thantology - CORRECT ANSWER the study of death and dying Which type of experiment has been dubbed a "true experiment" - CORRECT ANSWER Between groups design When data "piles up" on one side, it can cause a ______ graphical representation. - CORRECT ANSWER skewed Psychosocial maturity - CORRECT ANSWER the complexity and sophistication of the process of individual decision-making as it is affected by a range of cognitive, emotional, and social factors Melting Pot - CORRECT ANSWER the mixing of cultures, ideas, and peoples that has changed the American nation. Force Field Analysis - CORRECT ANSWER Type of analysis in which factors that can influence an outcome in either a negative or positive manner are listed and then assigned weights to indicate their relative strengths. Achievement test - CORRECT ANSWER a test designed to assess what a person has learned Catharsis - CORRECT ANSWER the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. A routine but non-interactive encounter with a minority person would most likely cause a prejudiced person to - CORRECT ANSWER maintain their prejudice - no change of opinion will occur Rehabilitation Act of 1973 - CORRECT ANSWER Extended protection to those with physical or mental handicaps In the event that a group member begins to misbehave or act out inappropriately, the counselor may choose to - CORRECT ANSWER model appropriate behavior What is the oldest career model? - CORRECT ANSWER Trait and factor Error Variance - CORRECT ANSWER numeric measure of the variability in scores that can be attributed to or is caused by the individual differences of participants in each group Observational Learning Theory - CORRECT ANSWER Theory that suggests that organisms learn new responses by observing the behavior of a model and then imitating it; aka. Social learning theory (BF Skinner) Projective tests - CORRECT ANSWER Devices or instruments used to assess personality, in which examinees are shown a standard set of ambiguous stimuli and asked to respond to the stimuli in their own way. Parametric - CORRECT ANSWER inferential statistical tests involving interval- or ratio-level data to make inferences about the population Random Sampling - CORRECT ANSWER a sample that fairly represents a population because each member has an equal chance of inclusion Criterion Test - CORRECT ANSWER assess students by comparing their performance to a predetermined level of mastery. Example: FCAT Free will - CORRECT ANSWER The idea that human beings are free to make their own choices (Frankl) During middle adulthood, a client may be concerned with - CORRECT ANSWER giving back to the world/community Existentialism - CORRECT ANSWER A philosophy based on the idea that people give meaning to their lives through their choices and actions Reliability - CORRECT ANSWER the extent to which a test yields consistent results, as assessed by the consistency of scores on two halves of the test, on alternate forms of the test, or on retesting Unfinished business (Gestalt concept) - CORRECT ANSWER unexpressed emotions often exhibited via harsh comments and displacement Non-maleficence - CORRECT ANSWER do no harm Individual has a doctorate in sociology and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling she will be opening up a private practice is representing herself by listing her name as PhD, LPC. According to the ACA code of ethics, this is - CORRECT ANSWER unethical, because the counselor is representing herself as having a doctorate in a counseling related field, when in reality, the doctorate is in another field One of your young adult male clients had a severe eating disorder as a teen. He has decided on a career as a personal trainer and professional athlete, where he must monitor his caloric, protein and carbohydrate intake. This an example of - CORRECT ANSWER sublimation What is one of the main benefits of licensure? - CORRECT ANSWER It protects client rights Fictional Finalism (Adler) - CORRECT ANSWER an imagined life goal that guides a person's behavior During a group termination session, the counselor and clients should work to develop a ______ - CORRECT ANSWER plan of action for clients to move forward with Acculturation - CORRECT ANSWER The adoption of cultural traits, such as language, by one group under the influence of another. Kubler-Ross is associated with - CORRECT ANSWER Stages of death/grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance) The goal of Erikson's second stage, Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt, is - CORRECT ANSWER the development of independence Erkison's first stage - CORRECT ANSWER Trust vs Mistrust Which of Erikson's stages is experienced from the ages of 40-65 - CORRECT ANSWER Generativity vs Stagnation Regression - CORRECT ANSWER psychoanalytic defense mechanism in which an individual faced with anxiety retreats to a more infantile psychosexual stage, where some psychic energy remains fixated Informed consent - CORRECT ANSWER an ethical principle that research participants be told enough to enable them to choose whether they wish to participate OR the document with which counselors are to discuss with their clients during an initial session that details the risks of counseling, limits to confidentiality, and practice policies - CORRECT ANSWER [Show More]

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