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A nurse is checking the vital signs of a 3-year-old during a well child visit, which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider? A. temperature 37.2C (99.0F) B. Heart rate o... f 106/min C. Respirations 30/min D. Blood pressure 88/54 mmHg - C A nurse is assessing a child's ears. Which of the following is an expected finding? A. Light reflex is located at the 2 o clock position B. Tympanic membrane is red in color C. bone landmarks are not visible D. Cerumen is present bilaterally - D A nurse is assessing a 6-month-old infant. Which of the following reflexes should the infant exhibit? A. Moro B. Plantar grasp C. Stepping D. Tonic necl - B A nurse is performing a neurological assessment on an adolescent. Which of the following is an appropriate reaction by the adolescent when the nurse checks the trigeminal cranial nerve? (select all that apply) A. clenching the teeth together tightly B. recognizing a sour taste C. identifying smells through [Show More]

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