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Genetics is the science of heredity and variation. T/F True Genotype and Phenotype are essentially the same. T/F False When crossbred pea plants are self-pollinated, the offspring show... a three short to one tall ratio. T/F False Each parent contributes one gamete or sex cell to each of its offspring. T/F True All animals have the same number of chromosomes. T/F False What is essential to cell functions and contains nuclear sap from which chromosomes arise? Nucleus What is a complex solution outside the cell nucleus contained by a cell membrane? Cytoplasm What is the material found in the nucleus which forms chromosomes? Chromatin What molecule are genes located in? DNA What type of cell division results in two identical daughter nuclei? Mitosis Mitosis is defined as the division of a sex cell and results in four identical daughter cells. T/F False The letter G in G1 and G2 stands for genetic. T/F False What is not a phase of cell division? (G1, S phase, Meiosis, M phase) Meiosis What is not a stage in M phase? (Prophase, Metaphase, Telophase, Interphase) Interphase What structure forms attachments with the chromosomes during pro-metaphase? Miotic apparatus Meiosis results in four haploid cells rather than two diploid cells. T/F True The cells produced by meiosis are all genetically alike. T/F False Meiosis involves two nuclear divisions and two replications of the DNA. T/F False [Show More]

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