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Retailing Management 11th Edition By Michael Levy, Barton Weitz, Dhruv Grewal (Solution Manual Latest Edition 2023-24, Grade A+, 100% Verified)

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(For Complete File, Download link at the end of this File) Retailing Management, 11th Edition, highlights the many ways the retail industry has transformed and evolved over the past several years. ... In keeping with market-leading tradition, the eleventh edition, focuses on key strategic issues with an emphasis on financial considerations and implementation through merchandise and store management. Strategic and tactical issues are examined for a broad spectrum of retailers, both large and small, domestic and international, selling both merchandise and services. The authors focused on five important factors that delineate outstanding retailers: - Use of big data and analytical methods for decision making - Social media and mobile channels for communicating with customers and enhancing their shopping experience - Issues involved in providing a seamless multichannel experience for customers - Engagement in the overarching emphasis on conscious marketing and corporate social responsibility when making business decisions - Impact of globalization on the retail industry. The 11th edition features new chapter content exploring “Digital Retailing” by introducing the 7C framework, influencer marketing and discussing AI in retailing analytics. Coverage on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic specifically retailing strategy, customer buying behavior and supply chain management have also been added to showcase industry disrupters. Additionally, new cases exploring Amazon’s Just Walk Out checkout technology, Wayfair's new technology to connect with its customers, and H&M’s digital strategy and has been incorporated to ensure currency. [Show More]

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