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Society in Focus An Introduction to Sociology 9th Edition By William Thompson, Joseph Hickey, Mica Thompson (Test Bank Latest Edition 2023-24, Grade A+, 100% Verified)

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This is the Original latest edition Test Bank for 9th edition of this title. All other Test Bank in the Market are fake/old editions with the wrong edition number change only. An Introduction to So... ciology, Ninth Edition, emphasizes how society and social forces affect everything from globalization and international policies to day-to-day activities in our personal lives. In this edition, the authors go beyond the mere questioning of issues to take a closer look at the social world in which we live. They provide an integrated approach that uses sociological thinking to help students analyze and understand key concepts. To focus increased attention on sociological thinking and research methods, they have chosen four key themes: media and technology, globalization, cultural diversity, and trends for the future. Because sociology is about all of us and our daily lives, it is an eminently practical and useful discipline for understanding our social world. [Show More]

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