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HAS Exam 47 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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HAS Exam 47 Questions with Verified Answers ADL - CORRECT ANSWER activities of daily living including brushing teeth, eating, bathing, using the restroom. AHCA - CORRECT ANSWER American health... care association AIDS - CORRECT ANSWER acquired immune deficiency syndrome brought on by HIV ALOS - CORRECT ANSWER average length of stay in relation to LTC AMA - CORRECT ANSWER American medical association APN - CORRECT ANSWER advanced practice nursing CAQ - CORRECT ANSWER center for audit quality CDC - CORRECT ANSWER centers for disease control CHC - CORRECT ANSWER certified healthcare constructor CMS - CORRECT ANSWER center for medicare/Medicaid services CON - CORRECT ANSWER certificate of need a document giving permission for construction/modification of health agencies CQI - CORRECT ANSWER continuous quality improvement CVA - CORRECT ANSWER cerebrovascular accident (stroke) DHHS - CORRECT ANSWER department of health and human services DRG's - CORRECT ANSWER diagnostic related groups EBM - CORRECT ANSWER Evidence Based Medicine ED - CORRECT ANSWER effective dose/erectile dysfunction/emergency department EHR - CORRECT ANSWER electronic health records EMTALA - CORRECT ANSWER emergency medical treatment and active labor act FDA - CORRECT ANSWER food and drug administration GDP - CORRECT ANSWER guanosine diphosphate HIPAA - CORRECT ANSWER health insurance portability and accountability act HMO - CORRECT ANSWER health maintenance organization ICF - CORRECT ANSWER intermediate care facility IPA - CORRECT ANSWER independent practice association LPN - CORRECT ANSWER licensed practical nurse LTC - CORRECT ANSWER long term care MCOs - CORRECT ANSWER managed care organizations MD - CORRECT ANSWER medical doctor MRI - CORRECT ANSWER magnetic resonance imaging NCQA - CORRECT ANSWER national committee of quality assurance NIH - CORRECT ANSWER national institute of health OSHA - CORRECT ANSWER occupational health and safety administration PCP - CORRECT ANSWER primary care physician POS - CORRECT ANSWER point of service/place of service PPO - CORRECT ANSWER preferred provider organization PPS - CORRECT ANSWER perspective payment system QI - CORRECT ANSWER qualifying individual RN - CORRECT ANSWER registered nurse RUGs - CORRECT ANSWER resource utilization groups SCHIP - CORRECT ANSWER states children's health insurance program SES - CORRECT ANSWER socioeconomic status SNF - CORRECT ANSWER skilled nursing facility TEFRA - CORRECT ANSWER tax equality and fiscal responsibility act TQM - CORRECT ANSWER total quality management VA - CORRECT ANSWER veterans administration WHO - CORRECT ANSWER world health organization [Show More]

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