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HAS Exam 198 Questions with Verified Answers What is the AFMS mission? - CORRECT ANSWER Enable medically fit forces, provide expeditionary medics and improve the health of all we serve to meet ou... r nation's needs What is the AFMS vision? - CORRECT ANSWER Our supported population is the healthiest and highest performing segment of the US by 2025 What are the four areas of the Quadruple Aim and associated goals? - CORRECT ANSWER Readiness Better care Better health Best value (associated goals) Readiness - CORRECT ANSWER Maintain medically ready airmen Ensure well-trained, well equipped, and current medics Support the full spectrum of military operations (associated goals) Better care - CORRECT ANSWER Provide safe care Deliver quality care promote positive patient experiences and outcomes (associated goals) Better health - CORRECT ANSWER Encourage healthy behavior Enhance resiliency and human performance Reduce illness and injury (associated goals) Best value - CORRECT ANSWER Utilization of people and resources(utilize your people and $ properly) effective management Which four agencies can partner to build AFMS capabilities and ensure medics are trained, current, and deployable? - CORRECT ANSWER Department of Defense Civilian hospitals Veteran's Affairs Acadamia Major commands are broken down by? - CORRECT ANSWER Functional (AFGSC, AETC, ACC) Regional (PACAF) What does Total Force Integration across the Reg AF and the AFRC achieve? - CORRECT ANSWER Maintaining integrated capabilities Partnering in a wide range of military operation Improves combat effectiveness and generates efficiencies Increases cross-flow of ideas Fosters mutual respect Where would you find guidance on AFMS organizational structure? - CORRECT ANSWER KX- Flight path current version Who are the functional advisors within the Medical Group? - CORRECT ANSWER SGD, SGP, SGN, SGB, SGA, SGH What do the functional advisors provide? - CORRECT ANSWER Direction and advice professional and specialized technical perspectives. What is staff work? - CORRECT ANSWER -Analysis of an issue to provide options and recommended solution/proposal. -Accomplish priorities for boss -Gain approval for a course of action -Record of issue, proposal, idea, etc. A complete staff package accomplishes what? (PBCAA) - CORRECT ANSWER 1. States the problem and impact/issue/situation 2. Provides background information 3. Spells out options/COAs 4. Recommends action 5. Records coordination w/affected agencies What are resources you ca use for military writing? - CORRECT ANSWER Commander's secretary or exec Tongue & Quill Peers What is typically the first document prepared for a staff package? - CORRECT ANSWER Talking paper An official memo is an _____document that can set _____ or ______. - CORRECT ANSWER Official policy approval An electronic staff summary sheet is a ______ summary of a staff package. - CORRECT ANSWER succinct Prior to 1930 what were some of the characteristics of the US healthcare system? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Out of pocket payment for medical care 2. Charity hospital care 3. No standardization/poor quality of care 4. Providers were typically individual practitioners, company physicians, government The hill-burton act provided? - CORRECT ANSWER provided federal grants for the construction of new community hospital beds Medicaid has shared funding between? - CORRECT ANSWER State funds and Federal funds Managed care organizations integrate the functions of? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. financing 2. Insurance 3. Delivery 4. Payment A health maintenance organization (HMO) focuses on preventative care and coordinates all care through a? - CORRECT ANSWER PCM A panel of providers who agree to deliver services for a discounted fee schedule is a characteristic of which type of healthcare insurance plan? - CORRECT ANSWER preferred provider organization The components of the MHS are the? - CORRECT ANSWER Direct care system Purchased care system What are the strategies used to help with determining the right balance of home station and operational health care? - CORRECT ANSWER Business case analysis Currency case analysis Readiness case analysis Political Case analysis Characteristics of direct/mandatory spending - CORRECT ANSWER Not subject to yearly renewal "must pay" bills entitlements Characteristics of discretionary spending - CORRECT ANSWER Requires laws each year to renew or modify existing programs establish new programs In order to have a budget, the _____ and ______both must be passed. - CORRECT ANSWER authorization appropriation Define the three tenets of fiscal law - CORRECT ANSWER purpose time amount Purpose - CORRECT ANSWER used for the purpose intended by congress time - CORRECT ANSWER within the time frame set by congress (typically 1 year ) amount - CORRECT ANSWER not to exceed limit set by congress Define two exceptions to the bona fide need rule - CORRECT ANSWER Lead time stock level Lead time - CORRECT ANSWER Agency has an FY 16 bona fide need but cant deliver or produce the specialty item within FY 16 Stock level - CORRECT ANSWER An agency may purchase sufficient supplies to maintain adequate and normal stock levels. what are the parts of strategic planning? - CORRECT ANSWER Mission, vision, values, goals, communication plan What is the Medical Service Corps Mission? - CORRECT ANSWER Lead the AF with professional healthcare administrators delivering the full spectrum of patient-centered services. What is the Medical Service Corps Vision? - CORRECT ANSWER Premier patient-centered service through innovation and inspirational leadership What are the Medical Service Corps values? - CORRECT ANSWER Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do, underpin everything we do as MSC officers First strategic goal, strategic action, and associated theme: - CORRECT ANSWER Goal 1: Support the AFMS vision Strategic action: Enabler of the AFMS vision Goal themes: Common Objectives Readiness relevance Second strategic goal, strategic action, and associated theme: - CORRECT ANSWER Goal 2: Increase interoperability in the corps Strategic action: Creators of best value Goal themes: Technology Integration Leverage manpower Third strategic goal, strategic action, and associated theme: - CORRECT ANSWER Goal 3: Growing successful MSC leaders Strategic action: Stakeholders in the corps Goal themes: Coveted skill, communication, diversity Understand the three guiding principles - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Service 2. Leadership 3. Innovation Mission readiness= - CORRECT ANSWER Inspection readiness what are the different inspections within the Air Force inspection system? - CORRECT ANSWER Management Inspection (HAF, MAJCOM) UEI (Wings) Commander's Inspection Program (groups, sq, wings) Individual reporting (every airman) Unit Effectiveness Inspection - CORRECT ANSWER Provides independent assessment of wing effectiveness Shift from detecting non-compliance to identifying greatest risks from undetected non-compliance. UEI Inspection frequencies - CORRECT ANSWER AD & Reserve: 24-30 month cycle ANG: 48-60 months What are the four major graded areas? (MILE) - CORRECT ANSWER Managing resources: Adequacy, stewardship Improving the unit: Strategic alignments, process operations, CCIP, Data driven decisions Leading people: Communicate, discipline, training Quality of life Executing the mission: Primary mission Wing Inspection Team - CORRECT ANSWER Chaired by the wing/cc under direction of the IG Directed by the inspector general Management Internal Control Toolset (MICT) - CORRECT ANSWER Continual compliance through critical self assessment checklists are guides Civilian accreditation - CORRECT ANSWER The Joint Commission What are the main TRICARE health plans - CORRECT ANSWER TRICARE Prime TRICARE Standard TRICARE Extra TRICARE Prime - CORRECT ANSWER HMO $0 deductible $0 Cost Shares Care provided by the MTF TRICARE Standard - CORRECT ANSWER FFS $50/Individual $100/family (deductible) 20% ADFM & TRS 25% all others (cost shares) Non-network (care provided by) TRICARE Extra - CORRECT ANSWER PPO $50/Individual $100/Family (deductible) 15% ADFM & TRS 20% all others (cost shares) Network provider (care provided by) What is HMO? - CORRECT ANSWER Health Maintenance Organization (aka TRICARE prime) PCM guiding your care referrals are required What is FFS? - CORRECT ANSWER No PCMs, enrollment fee or referrals needed. Has deductibles and cost sharing fees Highest cost for the patient, most choices Can be seen on space A at MTF What is PPO? - CORRECT ANSWER Preferred Provider Organization (aka TRICARE extra) You use preferred providers within the network to receive a cost discount. Space A at MTFs No: enrollment, claims, referrals Which of the three big plans has an enrollment fee? - CORRECT ANSWER TRICARE Prime How much is the TRICARE Prime enrollment fee? - CORRECT ANSWER $282.60/Individual $565.20/Family Who is required to pay an enrollment fee for TRICARE Prime? - CORRECT ANSWER Retirees and their families When do Point of Service charges happen? - CORRECT ANSWER Prime patient goes to see network provider for non ER care without referral Who is eligible for Point of Service? - CORRECT ANSWER Family and Retirees What are the costs associated with Point of Service? - CORRECT ANSWER Deductible for outpatient care: $300/Individual $600/Family Cost Share for Outpatient care: 50% of TRICARE allowable charge, after annual deductible is met Cost share for inpatient care: 50% of TRICARE allowable charge What age do you typically become eligible for TRICARE for Life? - CORRECT ANSWER 65 TRICARE for Life wrap around coverage that works with what other health plan to share costs? - CORRECT ANSWER Medicare A&B Where can a patient be seen with TRICARE Plus? - CORRECT ANSWER that MTF only Who approves TRICARE Plus enrollment? - CORRECT ANSWER MDG/CC What is the monthly premium for TRICARE Reserve Select? - CORRECT ANSWER $47.90/Individual $210.83/Family When are Guard and Reserve personnel and their families eligible for active duty TRICARE benefits? - CORRECT ANSWER On duty for more than 30 days How many patients are enrolled per provider under the PCMH model? - CORRECT ANSWER 3-5 provider per team According to title 10, what is the priority for enrollment and access to MTFs? (4 Categories) - CORRECT ANSWER 1. AD 2. AD dependents & survivors enrolled in Prime 3. Retirees, their dependents & survivors enrolled in Prime 4. Dependents & retirees not in enrolled in Prime When demand for appointments exceeds the number available, what actions can be taken? - CORRECT ANSWER Walk in clinics/nurse triage utilize other providers Maximize provider templates enable cross booking between teams "pop-off valve" What are two ways we try to control costs within the MTF? - CORRECT ANSWER Maximize enrollments to MTFs: Push to enroll all patients who can be seen at MTFs, maximize team capacity, fully utilize manpower and facility Maximizing utilization of MTFs by enrollees: Provide services in house to those enrolled if we have capacity we don't want to pay civilian. Prime leakage occurs when what category of patients receive care in the network when the MTF is able to provide the same care? - CORRECT ANSWER TRICARE prime enrolled at the MTF What are the roles of the HIPAA Privacy officer? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Safeguard physical security 2. Train MTF employees 3. Monitor compliance 4. Respond to patient complaints 5. Research violations 6. Report breaches The referral management center is a _____shop for patients who are referred by their _____for ______. - CORRECT ANSWER one stop PCM specialty care IDES is the Integrated disability evaluation system. Which agencies are involved in IDES? - CORRECT ANSWER Integrates the DoD disability evaluation system and the VA ensures continuity of care with the VA for service related conditions What are the goals of IDES? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Single sourced disability rating 2. Less than 295 days from process start to AD separation 3. Faster transition between MHS care to VA care 4. Medical records available to VA electronically within 45 days of separation Upon transfer of the Stock Record Account, the Medical Logistics Flight Commander becomes the____ - CORRECT ANSWER Accountable Base Medical Supply Office (ABMSO) Pecuniary liability means____ - CORRECT ANSWER personally responsible, monitary obligation for the things that are under your care. Financial reimbursement to the gov't. What is ratification? - CORRECT ANSWER A process to pay a bill for goods or services that were obligated by an unauthorized person What is a report of survey? - CORRECT ANSWER Investigation by disinterested party Initiated when an accountable piece of property is lost, damaged or stolen. Who is responsible for report of survey unless proven otherwise? - CORRECT ANSWER property custodian What is a prime vendor? - CORRECT ANSWER Single distributor of medical supplies, next day delivery for usage items. Emergency delivery available Electronic and autopay backup and backorder coverage options MUST USE PRIME VENDOR FOR PHARMACEUTICALS What is forward logistics? - CORRECT ANSWER Medical logistics personnel managing individual clinics inventory thereby increasing clinical time for clinical staff. O&M Funds - CORRECT ANSWER $0-$100k= Expense Medical Expense equipment - CORRECT ANSWER $100-< $250k= High cost Medical equipment - CORRECT ANSWER >$250k= Investment or OP Medical equipment Prior to purchase all equipment procurement packages must be approved through which committee? - CORRECT ANSWER Equipment review and authorization activity board (ERAA) which three sections must review and approve equipment packages prior to the meeting and why? - CORRECT ANSWER Systems- network approval BMEDS- They will be maintaining the equipment Facilities- ensure space and power requirements Inventory frequency for equipment - CORRECT ANSWER 24 months Inventory frequency for war reserve material - CORRECT ANSWER 24 months Inventory frequency for medical counter-chemical biological radiological nuclear (MC-CBRN) - CORRECT ANSWER Annual Inventory frequency for operational stock - CORRECT ANSWER Annual/New med logistics flt commander Inventory frequency for controlled items/vault - CORRECT ANSWER quarterly by disinterested party (appointed by MDG/CC) The biomedical equipment technician primary mission is to____ - CORRECT ANSWER install, repair and perform preventive maintenance, calibration and safety testing of med equipment How does facility management impact patient safety and patient perceptions of care? - CORRECT ANSWER facility issues can cause patient hazards (slips, trips) Facility appearance can influence perception of care Define the process to report and repair facility maintenance issue - CORRECT ANSWER completed by CE or contractors all work orders must be entered into DMLSS and follow up with facility manager What items are covered in the Environment of care committee meeting? - CORRECT ANSWER Chair: MDSS/CC Executive staff Monitors accidents/injuries work safety issues addressed What is the facility utilization board (FUB)? - CORRECT ANSWER Space planning and forecasting approves/disapproves space requests prioritizes projects helps the exec committee determine the adequacy of med facilities What are the characteristics of "repair"? - CORRECT ANSWER To restore to such condition that the item may effectively be used for it's designated purposes What are the characteristics of "minor construction"? - CORRECT ANSWER To build, develop, convert or extend real property and real property systems or components. Includes construction or installation of a new building or system What are the characteristics of "MILCON"? - CORRECT ANSWER congressional approval provides major facility construction on AF installation (takes years) What is the role of the contract manager? - CORRECT ANSWER Advocate for both the contractor and the contracting office helps customer comply with contracting rules helps contracting meet customer requirements What are the five items needed to start a contract? (A-QIMP) - CORRECT ANSWER 1. funding doc (form A) 2. Performance work statement (PWS) 3. Quality Assurance surveillance plan (QASP) 4. Independent government cost estimate 5. Market research Define "personal services contracts" - CORRECT ANSWER Professional (physicians, dental, nursing, ancillary (lab/rad) and technical services that provide direct patient care Who is the only person able to change, modify, negotiate terms or cancel a contract? - CORRECT ANSWER only a warranted contracting officer modifications can be done but usually at the end of the option year What is the role of the functional requirements evaluator designee (FRED) - CORRECT ANSWER Contract begins quality assurance monitoring contracts >$100k require a functional requirements evaluator designee and the QASP. Documentation of any problems encountered is important What is War Reserve Material (WRM) and what is it used for? - CORRECT ANSWER 2 types: Force health protection (BW/CW, anti malaria) Ground, mobility, spec ops How are WRM assets maintained? who is responsible for status of WRM? - CORRECT ANSWER WRM project officer/logistics flt/cc maintained by in-garrison WRM maintenance contract (CACI) What is Medical counter-chemical biological radiological nuclear assets and what are they used for? - CORRECT ANSWER Counter unexpected attack home station medical response Define non personal services contracts - CORRECT ANSWER Contract personnel are direct employees of the contract company no gov't supervision; only contract compliance monitoring A resource is typically defined as? - CORRECT ANSWER manpower or money What two things does the POM tell us? - CORRECT ANSWER What the AFMS told you (MTF) to do Resources provided to do it What are the two main contract types? - CORRECT ANSWER POM and non-POM What are the three man power categories? (pros/cons) - CORRECT ANSWER Active duty- Funded MILPERS, less restrictive, chain of command, training and education PCS GS civilian- Funded through MTF/O&M budget; can be difficult to change Contract- expensive upfront, restrictive job description What are the four steps to understanding unit manpower? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Determine authorizations (spaces) 2. Determine who is assigned to authorized positions (Faces) 3. Validate where "faces" actually work 4. Understand local decision impact on manpower The Unit Manpower Document (UMD) is based upon what file? - CORRECT ANSWER POM (only lists A, O, C no K) What does it mean to have a "matrixed" position? - CORRECT ANSWER Position # assigned to one unit (FAC) Person works in another unit (FAC) For a specific Air Force specialty code, who is the best person to contact when you have a manpower/manning issue? - CORRECT ANSWER Functional Manager Where do you go get the status of the manpower categories? - CORRECT ANSWER AD- UMPR or P&A GS Civilian- Civilian personnel roster Contract- Contract (logistics) The defense health program (DHP) is appropriate funds for ______ and cannot _______the line of the Air Force (LAF) programs. - CORRECT ANSWER Peacetime pay a bill for The line cannot take money from a DHP appropriation to "augment" their own - CORRECT ANSWER Fitness centers, dorms DHP cannot fund even if the service is for the MDG Must request the services be provided by the line What is a baseline requirement? - CORRECT ANSWER If it's a baseline requirement it will be in the POM manpower document What is a one time requirement? - CORRECT ANSWER Significant purchase that varies from year to year (often unexpectedly) funding provided for one fiscal year only What three programs make up the reimbursement program? - CORRECT ANSWER TPC Medical Affirmative claims Medical Service Account (fee for service) What are the five steps to managing a section budget? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. Know who is handling your budget 2. Prepare financial plan (FINPLAN) 3. Keep tabs on what is changing during fiscal year 4. Analyze requirements regularly and submit proposals 5. Communicate with RMO When projecting budgets, what is the goal of the budget projection? - CORRECT ANSWER accuracy The MIS is responsible for what in the MTF? - CORRECT ANSWER wireless devices and services hardware/software video and video teleconference telephones servers networking and cabling Authority to connect (ATC) - CORRECT ANSWER CIO should ensure systems are not installed on AF network without ATC CIO should maintain Information Services Disaster response team - CORRECT ANSWER ISDRT Plan an coordinate with readiness to have one exercise per year to test ____ - CORRECT ANSWER MIS continuity of operations plan (S-COOP) Comms are out sections must still accomplish mission by exercising the MIS COOP CIO responsibilities - CORRECT ANSWER conduct annual needs assessment accomplish info management committee Risk Assessment - CORRECT ANSWER Required on a routine basis Upon major change in a system after a security clinical rep and SGA What is the MISRT - CORRECT ANSWER Includes the HIPAA security officer, HIPAA privacy officer, CIO, MISRT conducts risk assessments to ensure we are complying with federal law Annual refresh - CORRECT ANSWER every 4 years complete refresh 25% each year no cost to MTF Printer ratio - CORRECT ANSWER clinical staff 5:1 admin staff 12:1 non refresh ITE may be purchased on case by case bases through which approved source? - CORRECT ANSWER AFWAY ITE purchases >$10,000 ITE purchases <$10,000 - CORRECT ANSWER >10 ok to purchase through AFWAY <10 must submit paperwork(Helpdesk ticket, decision brief and SIP) MIS Positions- Chief of records - CORRECT ANSWER Head of an office where records are created or received responsible for custody of all records the office creates or receives ensures file/plan is signed frequency of hardware inventory? - CORRECT ANSWER annually Network physical infrastructure updates frequency - CORRECT ANSWER 10-12 years DAR - CORRECT ANSWER information contained in a computer's hard drive DIT - CORRECT ANSWER Data accessed over a network (ie. internet) The AFMS maintains a "global medical readiness" capability to support the full spectrum of medical operations which includes: - CORRECT ANSWER a) Contingency operations b) Humanitarian assistance c) Disaster response d) Global health engagement (partnerships & stability ops) The designed operational capability (DOC) statement is a summary of? (M&R) - CORRECT ANSWER A unit's mission and resources for which it has been organized, designed, and equipped The DOC statement also defines the wartime mission of the unit and identifies the number and mix of ______that the unit maintains. - CORRECT ANSWER UTCs A unit type code (UTC) is a predefined, standardized grouping of ______to provide a specific capability. - CORRECT ANSWER manpower and/or equipment A standard UTC has a - CORRECT ANSWER MISCAP statement A non standard UTC does not fit into existing standard deployable capabilities and does not have a ______ - CORRECT ANSWER MISCAP statement The Medical Resource Letter (MRL) provides each unit with: - CORRECT ANSWER 1. UTC's apportioned to the unit 2. AEF assignments for each UTC 3. Whether UTCs are manpower or equipment 4. UTCs the unit is projected to gain or lose over the next five years The MRL is derived from the UMD. Occasionally the UMD does not support the UTC requirements. This is known as____ - CORRECT ANSWER UMD Mismatch Three types of substitutions can be made when filling UTC positions on the MRL. They are: - CORRECT ANSWER a) grade level b) skill level c) AFSC Officer grade substitutions are one grade ___or one grade____ - CORRECT ANSWER up down Enlisted skill-level substitutions are up ____skill levels or down ____skill level and are based on the enlisted member's _____control AFSC. - CORRECT ANSWER 2 1 Control AFSC AFSC subs are listed in the? - CORRECT ANSWER WMP, Vol 1 medical supplement A deployment reclama, a request for reconsideration of a tasking, is submitted for two reasons: - CORRECT ANSWER a) personnel/equipment not available b) Severe mission impact What are some options to offset the deployment of a clinician? - CORRECT ANSWER 1. OCO 2. Clinical management (NEMO, nurse advice line, empanelment review) 3. manning assistance 4. ARC backfill Readiness skills verification program establishes the baseline.... - CORRECT ANSWER AFSC skills required to perform a critical task in a medical deployment environment. Applies to personnel who hold a medical AFSC and whose duties in a deployed setting differ from day to day operations. Category 2, UTC readiness training is for personnel assigned to.... - CORRECT ANSWER standard deployable UTCs Formal training requirements for UTC can be found where in AFI 41-106? - CORRECT ANSWER Chapter 5 medical readiness training What system is used to track medical readiness training - CORRECT ANSWER MRDSS-ULTRA What medical specific exercises are mandated by AFI 41-106 - CORRECT ANSWER 1. recalls 2. medical emergency response-exercises What is the Air force's supporting document to the Joint Strategic Capabilities plan? - CORRECT ANSWER WMP (AF war and mobilization plan) The installation emergency management plan is a base level plan that provides guidance for emergency response to physical threats resulting from: - CORRECT ANSWER a. major accidents b. natural disasters/severe weather events c. conventional attack d. terrorist attack e. CBRN attack the medical contingency response plan provides procedures for the unit's___ - CORRECT ANSWER emergency response missions identified in t he IEMP 10-2 The three types of readiness reporting and their respective reporting tools are: - CORRECT ANSWER a. resource readiness (Air Force input tool AF-IT via DRRS) b. UTC readiness (AEF reporting tool ART) c. Capability readiness (DRRS) The _____provides the structure and mechanisms for coordinating federal support to state and local governments. - CORRECT ANSWER National response framework The National disaster medical system (NDMS) is an integrated federal, state, and private sector ______ - CORRECT ANSWER medical response system What is the AF structure used to respond to all emergency management incidents? - CORRECT ANSWER AF incident management system (AFIMS) In the medical group, the unit control center is known as the___ - CORRECT ANSWER Medical Control Center Under the Defense support to civil authorities, federal assets may be used under what conditions: - CORRECT ANSWER a) presidential declaration b) mutual aid agreements c) Immediate response d) 10 day rule What are the GPM focus areas: - CORRECT ANSWER access management strategic planning/implementation business planning and administration performance improvement, monitoring and reporting clinical practice administration end to end Bottom line: GPM is the end to end resource to improve: - CORRECT ANSWER Resource to improve operational level clinic performance, effectiveness, efficiency, standardization, patient flow, staffing optimization and more the GPM is a Valuable liason between - CORRECT ANSWER clinical staff and the other MSC administrative functional areas within the medical facility Trusted care goals (ASI) - CORRECT ANSWER Employees trained/coached at levels appropriate to every person's role and skill level methods used organization wide for all improvement work-standardized across AFMS Improvement as the personal responsibility of every medic 3 tenets of HRO - CORRECT ANSWER culture of safety continuous process improvement leadership commitment What is the GPMs responsibility in access management - CORRECT ANSWER ensure MTF is meeting performance metrics ensure MTF is meeting access metrics What are the GPMs relationship with internal partners in healthcare? - CORRECT ANSWER Customers External partners Internal Partners in healthcare Medical coding provides a standardized method for recording medical care and is used for a variety of applications in the healthcare industry - CORRECT ANSWER Classify mortality and morbidity research and education direct surveillance of epidemic or pandemic provides timely medical data required for reimbursement credit for workload ICD-10 - CORRECT ANSWER diagnosis code E&M - CORRECT ANSWER time and intensity The result of coding is converted into - CORRECT ANSWER relative value units RVU's are generated by adding? - CORRECT ANSWER E&M and procedure codes What is the purpose of a business performance plan? - CORRECT ANSWER Document structures, processes, and outcomes to meet established workload benchmarks, provide demand visibility and optimal roadmap to meet demand with MTF resources What are the three focus areas of the healthcare performance heads up display? - CORRECT ANSWER patient safety, access to care and quality of care According to the HUD what is the goal (%) for primary care leakage? - CORRECT ANSWER 24% The service delivery assessment (SDA) solicits feedback from whom? - CORRECT ANSWER patients one day after appointment What are the four focus areas of the SDA? - CORRECT ANSWER access to care patient satisfaction with MTF Patient satisfaction with provider patient safety The AFMS provides a rapidly responding_____which can be tailored to meet specific requirements - CORRECT ANSWER EMEDS The Air transportable clinic (ATC) is a versatile equipment package maintained by ____ but designed to support flying squadrons and specialized operational squadrons - CORRECT ANSWER MDG Treatment staging evacuation - CORRECT ANSWER EMEDS ERPSS AE EMEDS provides a modular build of capability organized into three force modules - CORRECT ANSWER ERPSS+HRT ERPSS+10 ERPSS+25 The en route patient staging system (ERPSS) serves as the _____between medical facilities and aeromedical evacuation - CORRECT ANSWER liason Who is responsible for clinical operations oversight of clinical guidance for AE crews and medical/training guidance for SG managed AE UTCs - CORRECT ANSWER AMC/SG [Show More]

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