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Indiana QMA: Lesson 12-14 Already Passed

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Indiana QMA: Lesson 12-14 Already Passed STAT orders physician's order to be carried out immediately Apothecary System A system of measures historically used by the person and sells medications a... nd medicines; oldest system gr = grain dr = dram i = one ii = two Metric System The preferred system in medicine * meter as the unit of measurement * gram as the unit of weight * liter as the unit of volume PRN - Pro Re Nata whenever necessary physician's order required before any medication can be administered QMA right and responsibility question any medication order he/she is not comfortable following; notify nurse for clarification QMA notices discrepancy between pharmacy label and MAR notify the nurse - do not give Systems of measurement - least accurate to most accurate household apothecary metric most common system of measurement in the medical field metric 1 liter 1,000 milliliters 30 cc 1 ounce 1 teaspoon 5 ml 00:0201:23 1 tablespoon 15 ml qd medication ordered daily, should be given at the same time each day antebefore antiagainst bradyslow cardioheart cytocell dyspainful. difficult emesis vomiting gastrostomach hema-, hemato-, hemoblood hepa-, hepatoliver hyperabove, over, increased hypounder, beneath, decreased -itis inflammation neuronerve -ology study of ophthalmoeye pneumoair, lungs postafter prebefore renal kidney urourine autoself exout gluco-, glyco sugar, sweet hemihalf muco mucous membrane pathdisease polymuch, many -rhea flow -therapy treatment vasoblood vessel buccal medication adminsterednbetween the teeth and the cheek disposition way in which a drug is disposed/discarded MAR medication administration record Ways a physician's order can be received written on a prescription pad written on a physician order sheet given verbally or by phone to the nurse called in by a pharmacist electronically signed prescription when must the physician need to sign their verbal/telephone order? required to sign the order on the next visit to the facility The QMA must have this before administering a PRN medication authorization from the nurse EVERY time Six Rights of Medication Administration M= medication D= dose R= resident R= route T= time D= documentation SC/SQ subcutaneous Houshold system least accurate system of measurement gtt = drop t/tsp = teaspoon T/Tbs/Tbsp = Tablespoon 8 oz = ___ mL 240 mL 4 oz = ___ mL 120 mL Acceptable time frame for administering 8:00 am meds? within 1 hour (before and after) 7am - 9am ac before meals pc after meals [Show More]

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