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AirMethods PAC Quiz with Complete Answers

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24/7 telephone # for DPL ANSWER:402 970 1428CEO of AirmethodsANSWER: Aaron ToddPresident of DPLANSWER: Wayne SensorManager of TrainingANSWER: Lisa HouslerHow are breaks handled at DPLANSWER: The workf... orce will email your schedule, (2) 15-minute breaks & and 30min lunchHow vacation time, sick time, and bereavement leave are handled and how they are accrued & what happens if you exceed either oneANSWER: Vacation is scheduled at least 24hr advance, sick time (ASAP), bereavement is 4 consecutive for current immediate family members, 2 con/days for extended family. Accural 3.5 hours per paycheck. Sick 1.8 hours per paycheck. if you exceed sick hrs, they will use vacation hrs. [Show More]

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