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OCR A LEVEL 2022 PSYCHOLOGY QUESTION PAPER -H567-01 PAPER 1-H567/01 Research methods

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SECTION A: Multiple choice Answer all the questions. You should put the letter of the correct answer in the box provided. 1 Which of these sections of the write-up of a practical report is the only ... one in which the significance statement for the research would not be stated? A abstract B discussion C introduction D results Your answer [1] 2 Which of these indicates the least probability of the null hypothesis being true? A p<0.05 B p<0.01 C p<0.001 D p>0.01 Your answer [1] 3 Which of these is an inferential rather than a descriptive statistical analysis? A Mann-Whitney U B mean C standard deviation D variance Your answer [1] 3 © OCR 2022 Turn over 4 Which of these terms refers to the process of checking research prior to publication? A paired review B peer review C phased review D priority review Your answer [1] 5 If the variance is 36, what is the standard deviation? A 3 B 6 C 18 D 1296 Your answer [1] 6 Which sampling technique ensures everyone in the target population has an equal chance of being in the sample? A opportunity B random C self-selected D snowball Your answer [1] 7 Which of these is a type of reliability? A criterion B ecological C face D test-retest Your answer [1] 4 © OCR 2022 8 What type of data is used to calculate the Chi-square test? A interval B nominal C ordinal D ordinal and interval Your answer [1] 9 Which is the simplest form of the ratio 12:8? A 2:3 B 3:1 C 3:2 D 6:4 Your answer [1] 10 In the cross-cultural study of helping behaviour by Levine et al. (2001), which type of correlation was found between the variables ‘purchasing power’ and ‘the overall level of help given’? A non-significant negative correlation B significant negative correlation C significant positive correlation D zero correlation Your answer [1] 11 Which two variables were positively correlated in Maguire et al.’s (2000) study of taxi drivers’ brains? A volume of grey matter in posterior hippocampus and age B volume of grey matter in posterior hippocampus and length of time as a taxi driver C volume of grey matter in posterior hippocampus and length of time taken to pass ‘The Knowledge’ test D volume of grey matter in posterior hippocampus and volume of grey matter in anterior hippocampus Your answer [Show More]

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