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what brings you in today (Ans- reports needing an annual physical what medical conditions do you have (Ans- denies medical conditions what meds do you take (Ans- reports taking occasional ... ibuprofen do you take any prescription meds (Ans- denies taking prescription medication do you take any OTC meds (Ans- only OTC medication is ibuprofen why do you take advil (Ans- takes ibuprofen to relieve menstrual cramps how often do you take advil (Ans- takes ibuprofen monthly how many advil do you take at a time (Ans- takes 2 ibuprofen at a time how many days do you take advil (Ans- typically takes 2 doses on first day of period what dosage of advil do you take (Ans- unsure of the dosage, but reports they are regular strength [Show More]

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