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Test Bank For The Christian Tradition A Historical and Theological Introduction, 1st Edition By Peter Feldmeier

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Featuring an exceptionally lucid writing style and a holistic, integrated approach, The Christian Tradition: A Historical and Theological Introduction traces the history of Christianity across the wor... ld from its earliest origins up to the present. By connecting theological practices to historical developments, it helps students understand and appreciate how theological values and perspectives have grounded major figures and movements. Revealing the many ways that tradition, history, doctrine, and practice are in constant dialogue, The Christian Tradition offers a fascinating and balanced introduction to Christianity. PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES: Numerous visual aids, including more than fifteen maps, keep students engaged A master timeline at the beginning of the book and chapter-specific timelines provide historical context "What to Expect" segments give students a preview of the major concepts covered in each chapter Text boxes throughout offer in-depth looks at specific events, figures, and ideas Key terms are bolded at their first appearance, listed at the end of each chapter, and reviewed in a comprehensive glossary at the end of the book "Conclusions" sections at the end of each chapter remind students of the most important parts of the material they've just read [Show More]

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