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Test Bank For Safe Maternity And Pediatric Nursing Care 1st Edition by Palmer Chapter 1-40|Complete Guide A+

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Test Bank For Safe Maternity And Pediatric Nursing Care 1st Edition by Palmer Chapter 1-40|Complete Guide A+ Table of Contents I. Introduction of Maternity and Pediatric Nursing Chapter 1. Healthy ... People 2020 and Initiatives for Healthy Families II. Pregnancy and The Family Chapter 2. Introduction to Maternity Nursing Chapter 3. Human Reproduction and Fetal Development Chapter 4. Physical and Psychological Changes of Pregnancy Chapter 5. Antepartal Nursing Assessment Chapter 6. Nursing Care During Pregnancy Chapter 7. Nursing Care of Complications During Pregnancy III. Birth and The Family Chapter 8. Process and Stages of Labor and Birth Chapter 9. Nursing Assessment During Labor Chapter 10. Nursing Care During Labor Chapter 11. Nursing Care of the Woman with Complications During Labor and Birth Chapter 12. Birth-Related Procedures IV. Postpartum Period and The Family Chapter 13. Physiologic and Behavioral Adaptations During the Postpartum Period Chapter 14. Assessment and Care of the Family After Birth V. The Newborn Chapter 15. Physiologic and Behavioral Adaptations of the Newborn Chapter 16. Assessment and Care of the Newborn Chapter 17. Newborn Nutrition Chapter 18. Newborn at Risk; Conditions Present at Birth Chapter 19. Newborn at Risk; Birth-Related Stressors VI. Growth and Development Chapter 20. Introduction to Pediatric Nursing Chapter 21. Health Promotion of the Infant Chapter 22. Health Promotion of the Toddler Chapter 23. Health Promotion of the Preschooler Chapter 24. Health Promotion of the School-Age Child Chapter 25. Health Promotion of the Adolescent VII. Pediatric Concerns and Considerations Chapter 26. The Hospitalized Child Chapter 27. Acutely Ill Children and Their Needs Chapter 28. The Abused Child VIII. Deviations in Pediatric Health Chapter 29. Child with A Neurologic Condition Chapter 30. Child with A Sensory Impairment Chapter 31. Child with A Mental Health Condition Chapter 32. Child with A Respiratory Condition Chapter 33. Child with A Cardiac Condition Chapter 34. Child with A Metabolic Condition Chapter 35. Child with A Musculoskeletal Condition Chapter 36. Child with A Gastrointestinal Condition Chapter 37. Child with A Genitourinary Condition Chapter 38. Child with A Skin Condition Chapter 39. Child with A Communicable Disease Chapter 40. Child with An Oncologic or Hematologic Condition [Show More]

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