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EMT Module 3 Exam (100 Questions and Answers)

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EMT Module 3 Exam (100 Questions and Answers) The EMT is correctly palpating a central pulse when he palpates the: [Correct Ans: - Femoral pulse Your EMT student has a good understanding of end-ti... dal carbon dioxide monitoring when she states: [Correct Ans: - "Any disturbance to the breathing, circulation, or metabolic state of the patient can alter the reading." You and a paramedic partner are caring for a patient who overdosed on a drug that has caused her to become apneic. Your EMT student is providing BVM ventilations with supplemental oxygen via an endotracheal tube placed by the paramedic. The patient still has a good pulse and acceptable blood pressure. The pulse oximeter reads 95% and the ETCO2 monitor reads 28 mmHg. Given these findings, the EMT should: [Correct Ans: - Ask the EMT student ventilating the patient to slow the ventilatory rate It has been reported that two people have been shot in an alleyway. As you pull up to the scene, you see a police officer standing over a person with blood on his shirt and pants. In this situation, what is your first priority? [Correct Ans: - Determining the overall safety of the scene Which personal protective equipment must the EMT take on every call? [Correct Ans: - Gloves [Show More]

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