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NR-503 Epidemiology final with complete questions and answers

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NR-503 Epidemiology final with complete questions and answersKleinman explanatory ModelEliciting the patient's (explanatory) model gives the physician knowledge of the beliefs the patient holds about ... his illness, the personal and social meaning he attaches to his disorder, his expectations about what will happen to him and what the doctor will do, and his own therapeutic goalsCultural competenceCultural competence is defined as "a dynamic, fluid, continuous process whereby an individual, system or health care agency find meaningful and useful care delivery strategies based on knowledge of the cultural heritage, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior of those to whom they render care"Cultural Awareness:Self-examination of one's own prejudices and biases toward other cultures. An in-depth exploration of one's own cultural/ethnic background.Cultural humilityA lifelong commitment to self-evaluation and self-critiques, redressing the power of imbalances in the patient- physician dynamic, developing mutually. Beneficial relationships. [Show More]

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