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ATI Capstone Pediatrics exam 2023 with answers

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ATI Capstone Pediatrics exam 2023 with answers 1. A nurse is reviewing the history and physicality of an adolescent client who has conduct disorder. What is an expected finding? suspended from sch... ool several times in the past year 2. A nurse is planning care for a 6yr old child who has bacterial meningitis, what nursing intervention is unnecessary in the pt's plan of care? measure head circumference every shift 3. A nurse is teaching the parents of a child who has ADHD about methylphenidate. Which of the following statements should the nurse include in the teaching? restrict your child's intake of caffeine while she is taking this medication 4. A nurse is caring for a 6 month old pt who has sudden abdominal pain, vomiting, distended abdomen and red current jelly like stools. the nurse should know that these are signs of what intussuception 5. A nurse is preparing to perform an abdominal assessment on a child. Identify the sequence the nurse should follow . inspection auscultation superficial palpitation deep palpitation [Show More]

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