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Chapter 06: Cultural Aspects of Nursing Care Linton: Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing1

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1. A home health nurse prepares to teach a Latino patient who neither speaks nor reads English how to measure and administer insulin. Which teaching tool should be the most helpful? a. Booklet from t... he American Diabetes Association explaining the effects of too much or too little insulin b. Nutrition pamphlet explanation discussing amounts of each food group needed each day c. Alarm clock, magazine pictures showing sunrise and sunset, several clean insulin syringes, and insulin bottles filled with colored water d. Large sheet explaining the need for washing hands, times, amounts of insulin to inject, and the nurse’s home phone number 2. A young Asian wife of a business recently transferred to the United States is brought to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. The nurses make every effort to plan correct care. Which term best describes the integration of cultural concepts into the nursing care plan? a. Assimilation of culture b. Cultural diversity c. Enculturation of the patient d. Transcultural nursing 3. A nurse is clearing the bedside area to give a bed bath to a Muslim woman the day after a cesarean section. What action should the culturally sensitive nurse implement? a. Pick up and move the copy of the Koran so it will not be soiled with bath water. b. Ask the patient to remove the taviz to prevent it from being touched by a non-Muslim. c. Offer a quiet time after the bath for prayer. d. Be especially protective of her modesty. [Show More]

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