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FedVTE Windows Operating System Security 50 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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FedVTE Windows Operating System Security 50 Questions with Verified Answers Which value in the PowerShell "execution policy" allows loading of all configuration files and scripts? - CORRECT ANSWER ... Unrestricted Which Active Directory Certificate Service (AD CS) server role allows routers and other network devices that do not have a domain account to obtain certificates? - CORRECT ANSWER B. Online Responder D. Network Device Enrollment Service Which key command in PowerShell shows an objects methods and properties? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which one of the following steps is not part of securing the Microsoft patch process? - CORRECT ANSWER Apply patches while on the road Of the following methods which one is a tool that centrally manages and configures Windows operating systems and applications and user settings? - CORRECT ANSWER Group Policy In which one of the Social Engineering stages would you establish credibility? - CORRECT ANSWER Relationship Development Microsoft Security Configuration Wizard is a management tool that is based upon machine roles such as a file server a print server a domain controller etc. - CORRECT ANSWER True Which option is best for a server to connect to a network? - CORRECT ANSWER Wired Authenticode is a means of code signing that allows users to verify the source and author of the signed software. - CORRECT ANSWER False Which type of permissions are created by default on non child objects or based by user assignment? - CORRECT ANSWER Explicit Which one of the following could be categorized as a misconfiguration? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which one of the following is a Windows Firewall advantage? - CORRECT ANSWER B. Provides a very granular customization of applications C. Can be configured with Netsh or PowerShell What are the four service startup types? - CORRECT ANSWER Manual; Automatic; Automatic (Delayed); Disabled Which method can start PowerShell in Windows 8? - CORRECT ANSWER Charm > Search > type PowerShell > click Windows PowerShell The Windows Security Configuration Wizard can be used to configure the Windows Firewall with advanced security support. - CORRECT ANSWER True Many current network security tools such as Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems are not 100% compatible with IPv6. - CORRECT ANSWER True Which one of the following creates and manages and exports (for deployment) security policies across multiple Windows operating systems roles and Microsoft applications? - CORRECT ANSWER Microsoft Security Compliance Manager In a Hardening Process which method uses plaintext files containing software and driver installation configuration settings? - CORRECT ANSWER A. Security Templates D. Group Policy Security Templates provide a standardized way to organize and express and measure security related information. - CORRECT ANSWER False Network Access Protection (NAP) is a Windows feature that provides which one of the following? - CORRECT ANSWER Automatic Remediation Which two of the following categories of monitoring are in the Action Center formerly known as the Windows Security Center? - CORRECT ANSWER Security and Maintenance In a Kerberos Authentication process which one of the following sends a Ticket Granting Ticket secret key and a session key as a function? - CORRECT ANSWER AS_RESPONSE User Account Control (UAC) was introduced in Windows XP and Server 2003. - CORRECT ANSWER False Which Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) protocol provides confidentiality by encrypting data? - CORRECT ANSWER Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP) CVE is short for Critical Vulnerabilities and Exploits. - CORRECT ANSWER False During which step of Microsofts recommended Update Management Process would an update be tested? - CORRECT ANSWER Evaluate and Plan Which description best defines a Hotfix? - CORRECT ANSWER An update to fix a very specific issue In which multi tasking mode can an operating system take control of the processor without consent from the task? - CORRECT ANSWER Preemptive multi-tasking A Virtual Private Network allows two systems to connect over a public network and have the assurance of which of the following? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which one of the following default rights can be performed by a member of the Windows User Group? - CORRECT ANSWER Increase a process working set Which vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via a crafted TrueType Font (TTF) file? - CORRECT ANSWER Kernel Mode Driver - CVE-2012-4786 An API is a set of functions that an application can call to allow the application to operate within Windows. - CORRECT ANSWER True Which one of the following is a benefit of Dynamic Access Control? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which built-in Windows security feature prevents users from loading unauthorized and unapproved applications? - CORRECT ANSWER Windows AppLocker Which Dynamic Access Control capability allows for "safety net" policies? - CORRECT ANSWER Centralize Access Policies PowerShell is built on top of the .Net CRL and .Net Framework. - CORRECT ANSWER True Which method scans systems to identify common security misconfigurations and missing security updates? - CORRECT ANSWER Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer In the Windows Registry what is a collection of discrete files called? - CORRECT ANSWER Hives A logical Patch Management process is a one-time process that businesses should establish to ensure success. - CORRECT ANSWER False Which Network Access Protection (NAP) client collects and maintains a system health status? - CORRECT ANSWER NAP Agent Which solution is best to avoid downloading an untrusted patch? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which one of the following can be audited using the Windows Security Auditing feature? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which one of the following can be managed through group policies (GPO)? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above Which one of the following DLL file handles the memory management? - CORRECT ANSWER Kernel32.dll Which one of the following is required for Windows BitLocker configuration? - CORRECT ANSWER Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Which type of attacker has actions that are considered noble by the attacker but could cause more harm than good? - CORRECT ANSWER Gray Hat In a PowerShell environment the WhatIf parameter allows PowerShell users to test the command before actually executing. - CORRECT ANSWER True Which one of the following is a cmdlet that is used to gather computer information? - CORRECT ANSWER Get-WmiObject Which execution mode has unrestricted access to the underlying hardware? - CORRECT ANSWER Kernel Windows Defender was formerly known as Microsoft Anti-Spyware. - CORRECT ANSWER True [Show More]

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