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FedVTE Cyber Security Overview for Managers 25 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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FedVTE Cyber Security Overview for Managers 25 Questions with Verified Answers An insurance plan is what type of mitigation strategy? - CORRECT ANSWER Transfer Risk Which of the following is not... a reason why a backdoor may exist? - CORRECT ANSWER Attempts to interfere with the ability of a provider to keep services available What is the act of hiding messages in existing data called? - CORRECT ANSWER Steganography Which of the following addresses risk from a mission and business process perspective? - CORRECT ANSWER Tier 2 Which of the following provides procedures and guidance to sustain an organization's essential functions at an alternate site for up to 30 days? - CORRECT ANSWER Continuity of Operations Plan Which of the following is the correct order of the security life cycle? - CORRECT ANSWER Categorize Select Implement Assess Authorize Monitor Which of the following serves as an effective communications channel and provides an ongoing basis for ensuring the alignment of the security program with business objectives? - CORRECT ANSWER Steering committee Which of the following includes personnel and systems to perform health monitoring and management? - CORRECT ANSWER NOC Which of the following detects attacks but does not take action against the attack? - CORRECT ANSWER IDS Which of the following backup concepts includes everything since the last full backup and does NOT reset the archive attribute? - CORRECT ANSWER Differential When a compromised system is identified, it is a best practice to turn off the system immediately. - CORRECT ANSWER False Which one of the following is a type of malware that collects personal information about users without their knowledge? - CORRECT ANSWER Spyware Which major mobile device platform is open source software? - CORRECT ANSWER Google Android Which of the following characteristics applies to Information Technology Security? - CORRECT ANSWER Focuses on the security of information within the boundaries of the technological domain. The requirement that officers and others executives with fiduciary responsibilities meet certain requirements to protect the company's assets is known as Due Diligence. - CORRECT ANSWER False Which of the following sites is immediately available because systems and software and data are current copies? - CORRECT ANSWER Mirrored site Which of the following is not a mitigation strategy? - CORRECT ANSWER None of the above Which characteristic best describes the malware category "Downloaders"? - CORRECT ANSWER Targets web application vulnerabilities. Which of the following software licenses is free for use, retains copyrights, and usually includes an end-user license agreement? - CORRECT ANSWER Freeware Which of the following describes Aggregate Risk? - CORRECT ANSWER Exists when a particular threat affects a large number of minor vulnerabilities that combined have a significant impact. Attack scripts are used to install Trojans adware and other malware. - CORRECT ANSWER False RTO is the average length of time required to perform repairs on a device. - CORRECT ANSWER False Which of the following IS Governance Goals describes using information security knowledge and infrastructure efficiently and effectively to ensure captured knowledge is available? - CORRECT ANSWER Resource Management Which of the following is included in disaster recovery plans? - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above DoS attacks usually target chokepoints or single points of failure within the network. - CORRECT ANSWER True [Show More]

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