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Critical Infrastructure Protection - Final Test FedVTE Course 2022,100% CORRECT

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Critical Infrastructure Protection - Final Test FedVTE Course 2022 Critical Infrastructure 10: Infrastructure refers to the underlying structure that allow a society to function. - CORRECT ANSWER ... A. True Critical Infrastructure 20: Which of the following are examples of critical infrastructure? - CORRECT ANSWER C. Power plants, dams, water supply, bridges, etc. Critical Infrastructure 30: Which of the following is the lead agency for coordinating cyber incident protection, prevention, mitigation, and recovery? - CORRECT ANSWER A. Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity 10: To various degrees, all critical infrastructure sectors depend on information technology. - CORRECT ANSWER A. True Cybersecurity 20: Which of the following is an example of cybersecurity measures? - CORRECT ANSWER D. All of the above Cybersecurity 30: The computers controlling major U.S. industry operations were threatened over ____ times during the course of a recent year. - CORRECT ANSWER D. 200 Security and Resilience 10: Which document "advances a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure"? - CORRECT ANSWER B. Presidential Policy Directive 21 Security and Resilience 20: The 2013 National Infrastructure Protection Plan has a greater focus on critical infrastructure owners and operators take responsibility for their own cybersecurity. - CORRECT ANSWER B. False Security and Resilience 30: Under PPD 21, which agency was charged with working with private sector, research, academic, and government organizations to improve technology and tools related to cybersecurity systems? - CORRECT ANSWER Wrong Answer: Department of Homeland Security Improving Cybersecurity 10: Which document is intended to "enhance the security and resilience of the Nation's critical infrastructure and to maintain a cyber environment that encourages efficiency, innovation, and economic prosperity while promoting safety, security, business confidentiality, privacy, and civil liberties"? - CORRECT ANSWER A. Executive Order 13636 Improving Cybersecurity 20: Which of the following is NOT an area the C3 Voluntary Program focuses on? - CORRECT ANSWER Wrong Answer A. Use Improving Cybersecurity 30: The Department of Homeland Security's Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program is an intrusion prevention capability that helps U.S.-based companies protect their computer systems against which of the following? - CORRECT ANSWER B. Exploitation NCCIC 10: Which of the following is NOT an organization that the NCCIC regularly coordinates synchronized response, mitigation, and recovery effort with when there is an event of significant cyber or communications incidents? - CORRECT ANSWER Wrong answer C. International computer emergency readiness teams NCCIC 20: One critical component of the NCCIC is the Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) capability, which is available for free and allows the Federal government and private sector to share information on cyber threat indicators. - CORRECT ANSWER A. True NCCIC 30: The NCCIC provides a secure, collaborative system to share sensitive cybersecurity prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery information with validated private sector, government, and international partners. This system is: - CORRECT ANSWER B. Web-based [Show More]

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