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FedVTE Root Cause Analysis |Coding 101FedVTE Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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FedVTE Root Cause Analysis |Coding 101FedVTE Questions with Verified Answers Who typically performs root cause analysis? - CORRECT ANSWER CSIRT incident analysts When during the incident respon... se process is root cause analysis most commonly performed? - CORRECT ANSWER During detailed incident analysis What preparations best enable root cause analysis? - CORRECT ANSWER Having defined threat vectors and access to data sources that confirm or refute those threat vectors The cyber kill chain model would be least useful for an incident involving which of the following threat vectors? - CORRECT ANSWER Insider attack Which of the following might be an example of an incident with no attacker? - CORRECT ANSWER Lost equipment What is a cyber kill chain? - CORRECT ANSWER A systematic process to target and engage an adversary to create desired effects What is root cause analysis? - CORRECT ANSWER A method for understanding the problems that allowed an attack to occur The results of root cause analysis are typically used for which of the following? - CORRECT ANSWER Developing an appropriate course of action for incident mitigation Which of the following are among the seven steps in the Lockheed Martin cyber kill chain model? - CORRECT ANSWER Reconnaissance, exploitation, and installation Using a cyber kill chain model for root cause analysis can provide which of the following benefits? - CORRECT ANSWER Intrusion reconstruction to help analysts understand what information is available for defensive courses of action Which of the following is an example of a cause-and-effect diagram? - CORRECT ANSWER Ishikawa or "fish bone" diagram Which of the following statements is true? - CORRECT ANSWER Depending on the incident circumstances, you may need more than one root cause analysis method. Using a root cause analysis model based on the Microsoft Broad Street Taxonomy would follow a flow or decision tree that includes which of the following? - CORRECT ANSWER Classifying malware attacks according to the propagation methods At its root, programming is giving a machine a set of instructions to produce a desired behavior. - CORRECT ANSWER True Procedural programming follows a "first do this, next do that" process. What is another term for procedural programming? - CORRECT ANSWER Imperative programming A variable that is defined inside of a function is called a ______.` - CORRECT ANSWER Local variable What happens when you give a computer a command? - CORRECT ANSWER The computer will execute the command, regardless of whether the command is logistically possible. While procedural programming focuses on the verbs, object-oriented programming (frequently abbreviated as OOP), focuses on the ______. - CORRECT ANSWER Nouns In order for the program to store and recall information, each variable must be ______ - CORRECT ANSWER Defined All computer hardware uses the same machine language. - CORRECT ANSWER False Low-level programming languages are closer to ___________, and high-level languages are closer to __________. - CORRECT ANSWER Machine language; familiar human language In what situation would you use assembly language? - CORRECT ANSWER Flight navigation systems Scripting languages can run without being compiled first. - CORRECT ANSWER True Why have scripting languages become so popular for use on the Internet? - CORRECT ANSWER They are fast on modern computers and easier to write. Operators are built-in functions that allow you to _________. - CORRECT ANSWER All of the above (Assign values, Compare values, Change values) Which data type is the quickest and easiest way to write a list? - CORRECT ANSWER Array [Show More]

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