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ABCTE World History Exam 55 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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ABCTE World History Exam 55 Questions with Verified Answers 4 Ancient Civilizations - CORRECT ANSWER Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, and the Indus Valley Mesopotamia - CORRECT ANSWER "the land betwee... n 2 rivers" first major civilization, Sumer first city, Jericho Sumer - CORRECT ANSWER first major civilization Cueniform first culture to enter written history Epic of Gilgamesh powerful city state- Ur Jericho - CORRECT ANSWER world's first known city - 8,000 BCE Ancient China - CORRECT ANSWER -ruled by dynasties -Daoism -Confucianism -Legalism Shang Dynasty - CORRECT ANSWER -intricate metal work, skill bronze and other metals -first examples of Chinese writing Mandate of Heaven - CORRECT ANSWER -idea that Heaven selects the ruler on a moral basis -Zhou Dynasty Doaism - CORRECT ANSWER Confucianism - CORRECT ANSWER Legalism - CORRECT ANSWER Han Dynasty - CORRECT ANSWER -development of Silk road -Confucianism -expansion of China's borders Qin Dynasty - CORRECT ANSWER -Legalism -establish a central government and a bureaucratic government -imperial system Ancient Egypt - CORRECT ANSWER -Nile River valley -Pharahh Menes Pharaoh Menes - CORRECT ANSWER -united the people of lower and upper Egypt in ancient times The Indus Valley - CORRECT ANSWER -covered Pakistan and Afghanistan -maybe most mysterious ancient culture -highly organized and urban cultures -street grid system, sanitation systems, thousands of residents Tigris & Euphrates - CORRECT ANSWER Sumer, Babylon, Assyria Nile - CORRECT ANSWER Pharaoh Menes's Egyptian empire Yellow River - CORRECT ANSWER Shang and Zhou Dynasties Indus - CORRECT ANSWER ancient Indian civilization Hammurabi - CORRECT ANSWER produced Code of Hammurabi Code of Hammurabi - CORRECT ANSWER earliest known example of written law Torah - CORRECT ANSWER -Judaism -began to make standards of ethics clear -leader of moral and ethical traditions of western civilization -Family, Altruism, and Economic Ethics Early Judaism - CORRECT ANSWER -promoted ideas that still influence our modern day sense of justice, morality, and ethics Altruism - CORRECT ANSWER -honesty and truthfulness -revenge is unethical -golden rule is formed Economic Ethics - CORRECT ANSWER -Talmud denounces gains obtained by gambling Athenian Greek ethics - CORRECT ANSWER -first practiced democracy and ostracized tyrants Spartan Greeks - CORRECT ANSWER -employed lawmaking body known as the senate to prevent absolute power from falling into the hands of one man Greco Roman ethics and innovations - CORRECT ANSWER -idea of national citizenship as a priviledge -Olympics -basic concepts of democracy -lasting legacy in the arts and sciences Pliny the Elder - CORRECT ANSWER -Roman archivist, first encyclopedia Pythagoras - CORRECT ANSWER Plato - CORRECT ANSWER Socrates - CORRECT ANSWER Aristotle - CORRECT ANSWER Jesus - CORRECT ANSWER Buddha - CORRECT ANSWER Confucius - CORRECT ANSWER Moses - CORRECT ANSWER -the 10 commandments serve as models for laws today Periclean amendments - CORRECT ANSWER -Athenian rules of citizenship Julius Caesar - CORRECT ANSWER -Roman military and political ruler -transformation from republic to empire -made himself dictator for life -assassinated by friends, including Marcus Brutus Caesar Augustus - CORRECT ANSWER -Rome's first emperor, Octavian -he ended the Roman civil wars Cleopatra - CORRECT ANSWER -Last Greek ruler of Egypt -romantically involved to Caesar and Mark Antony Mark Antony - CORRECT ANSWER -Roman political leader Alexander the Great - CORRECT ANSWER -Macedonian king who conquered the Persian Empire and more -one of the most powerful military leaders of the ancient world Silk Road - CORRECT ANSWER -connector between the East and West -helped bring the two parts of the globe together -trade brought an exchange of ideas, cultural practices, and peoples Aztecs - CORRECT ANSWER -capital Tenochtitlan, in modern day Mexico City -had distinct class system, schools and a complex religion -Spanish conquistadors took them down Mayans - CORRECT ANSWER -southern Mexico and northern Central America -massive temples and stelae -numerous city states Incas - CORRECT ANSWER -west coast of South America -developed civil service system -basic federalist government -Spanish conquistadors took them down Medieval - CORRECT ANSWER -the era of human history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance Constantine - CORRECT ANSWER -Roman emperor who built Constantinople (new rome) on the strait between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. It connects Europe and Asia -converted to Christianity and ends the widespread persecution of Christians Constantinople - CORRECT ANSWER -caused Rome to be vulnerable to attacks and be sacked -Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine Empire Spread of Christianity - CORRECT ANSWER -spread westward from Asia Minor into Europe -Monasteries began sprouting up -had dr Theodosius I - CORRECT ANSWER -Roman emperor who establishes Christianity as state religion Charlemagne - CORRECT ANSWER -first to be crowned as Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Dark Ages - CORRECT ANSWER -term used to describe the medieval era Petrarch - CORRECT ANSWER -coined the phrase "dark ages" -valued the artistic advancements of the Greeks [Show More]

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