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CNA Practice Exam I|60 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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CNA Practice Exam I|60 Questions with Verified Answers The electric shaver that the nurse aide is using to shave a client begins to spark and smoke. What should the nurse aide do FIRST? (A) Call t... he nurse in charge (B) Finish shaving the client as quickly as possible (C) Use the roommate's shaver to finish the shave (D) Unplug the shaver CORRECT ANSWER D A client is paralyzed on the right side. The nurse aide should place the signaling device: (A) on the left side of the bed near the client's hand. (B) on the right side of the bed near the client's hand. (C) under the pillow. (D) at the foot of the bed. CORRECT ANSWER A To lift an object using good body mechanics, the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) keep both feet close together. (B) lift with abdominal muscles. (C) bend knees and keep back straight. (D) hold the object away from the body. CORRECT ANSWER C The nursing care plan states, "Transfer with mechanical lift." However, the client is very agitated. To transfer the client, the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) lift the client without the mechanical device. (B) place the client in the lift. (C) get assistance to move the client. (D) keep wheels unlocked so the lift can move with the client. CORRECT ANSWER C While eating dinner a client starts to choke and turn blue. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) immediately remove the client's food tray and go find the nurse in charge. (B) slap the client on the back until the food dislodges. (C) call for assistance and perform the Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrust). (D) give the client a drink of water. CORRECT ANSWER C When the nurse aide gives evening care to a client with a full set of dentures, proper procedure requires that the dentures be placed: (A) in the client's bathroom on the sink. (B) in tissue on the bedside stand. (C) under the client's pillow. (D) in a denture cup with the client's name on it. CORRECT ANSWER D What type of fire can be put out with water? (A) Electrical (B) Grease (C) Paper (D) Chemical CORRECT ANSWER C The nurse aide is responsible for all of the following fire prevention measures EXCEPT: (A) taking cigarettes and matches away from all clients and visitors. (B) being aware of the locations of fire extinguishers. (C) reporting all damaged wiring and/or sockets in clients' rooms. (D) participating in fire drills. CORRECT ANSWER A The nurse aide is going to help the client walk from the bed to a chair. What should the nurse aide put on the client's feet? (A) Socks or stockings only (B) Cloth-soled slippers (C) Rubber-soled slippers or shoes (D) Nothing CORRECT ANSWER C The MOST important reason for using soap and water to clean a client's skin after elimination is to: (A) keep the client happy. (B) prevent soiling of bed linen. (C) remove feces and urine from the skin. (D) keep the linen costs down. CORRECT ANSWER C The nurse aide should refuse to perform a task if the: (A) nurse aide has not been trained to do it. (B) client is difficult to deal with. (C) nurse aide can find someone else to do it. (D) nurse aide is at the end of the shift. CORRECT ANSWER A Before helping a client into a bath or shower, the nurse aide should FIRST: (A) check the temperature of the water. (B) shampoo the client's hair. (C) soak the client's feet. (D) apply lotion or oil to the client's skin. CORRECT ANSWER A When taking a client's radial pulse, the nurse aide's fingertips should be placed on the client's: (A) chest. (B) wrist. (C) neck. (D) elbow. CORRECT ANSWER B The nurse aide reports directly to the: (A) nurse supervisor. (B) physician. (C) staff development nurse. (D) administrator. CORRECT ANSWER A When communicating with the client's family, the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) listen to concerns and offer support. (B) offer advice about the client's medical treatment. (C) get involved in family problems. (D) share the latest facility gossip. CORRECT ANSWER A While making an empty bed, the nurse aide sees that the side rail is broken. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) wait for the next safety check to report the broken side rail. (B) report the broken side rail immediately. (C) tie the side rail in the raised position until it is fixed. (D) warn the client to be careful when she gets back into bed. CORRECT ANSWER B Right before dinner a client is incontinent of urine. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) take the client to the dinner table and clean up after dinner. (B) clean the client and take to dinner as soon as possible. (C) tell the client not to eat until the client has cleaned and changed self. (D) insist that the client eat dinner in the room. CORRECT ANSWER B The nurse aide notices that the client's radio cord is draped across a chair in order to reach the nearest outlet. The FIRST thing the nurse aide should do is: (A) tell the client the radio is a safety hazard and take it away. (B) unplug the radio and ask the client not to use it. (C) see if any changes can be made so that the radio can be plugged in safely. (D) take the radio to the activities room and tell the client to listen to it there. CORRECT ANSWER C The nurse aide is walking with a client confined to a wheelchair when the facility fire alarm system is activated. The client becomes excited from the noise. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) push the wheelchair out of the hallway and carry the client out of the facility. (B) leave the client to search for help. (C) comfort the client while moving to a safe place. (D) lock the client's wheelchair and check the surrounding area for smoke. CORRECT ANSWER C The nurse aide sees a client spill water on the floor in the hall. Another client is walking down the hall. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) call the nurse. (B) clean up the spill. (C) call housekeeping. (D) leave the spill. CORRECT ANSWER B For safety, when leaving a client alone in a room, the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) keep the door tightly closed. (B) place signaling device within client's reach. (C) apply a restraint to the client. (D) leave the bed elevated in highest position. CORRECT ANSWER B Physical restraints are used MOST often: (A) to prevent client injury. (B) when staff is short. (C) at the family's request. (D) at the roommate's request. CORRECT ANSWER A If the nurse aide is concerned about client care, who should the nurse aide speak to FIRST? (A) Another nurse aide (B) The nurse in charge (C) The Director of Nursing (D) The Administrator CORRECT ANSWER B When taking an oral temperature, it is important to: (A) place the thermometer in the rectum. (B) place the thermometer under the arm. (C) place the thermometer under the tongue. (D) put lubricant on the thermometer. CORRECT ANSWER C Pressure sores can often be prevented if the client is: (A) placed in an incontinence brief. (B) positioned with a pillow under the head. (C) dressed in loosely fitting clothing. (D) turned or repositioned every two hours. CORRECT ANSWER D If a client has hand tremors, the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) restrain the hand that has the tremor. (B) assist the client with the activity of daily living as needed. (C) tell the client to stop shaking and control the tremors. (D) do everything for the client. CORRECT ANSWER B When assisting a client in resolving grievances, the nurse aide should report the grievance to the: (A) doctor. (B) family. (C) administrator. (D) nurse in charge. CORRECT ANSWER D When giving care to a client, the nurse aide should avoid unnecessary exposure of the client in order to protect the client's right to: (A) privacy. (B) confidentiality. (C) personal choice. (D) personal hygiene. CORRECT ANSWER A The female perineum should be cleansed: (A) from front to back. (B) without soap. (C) with a disinfectant. (D) from back to front. CORRECT ANSWER A When caring for a client from another country, the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) be sensitive to the client's cultural needs. (B) orient the client to the cultural practices of the facility. (C) promote group activity participation. (D) decline to care for the client. CORRECT ANSWER A A nurse aide should give an unconscious client oral hygiene at LEAST every: (A) 2 hours. (B) 4 hours. (C) 6 hours. (D) 8 hours. CORRECT ANSWER A A client is to be assisted out of bed to sit in a wheelchair. Which action would make this procedure safe? (A) place the bed in the low position (B) place a pillow on the wheelchair seat (C) lower both footrest pedals (D) release the wheel brakes CORRECT ANSWER A A visitor enters the room while the nurse aide is changing the client. How SHOULD the nurse aide respond? (A) "Can't you knock?" (B) "Hi, come on in." (C) "Boy, he was dirty today." (D) "Would you please wait in the lobby?" CORRECT ANSWER D The client looks forward to playing Bingo each morning. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) tell the client that the nurse aide does not have time to get the client ready for Bingo. (B) plan the client's schedule so client is bathed and dressed in time for Bingo. (C) tell the client the nurse aide forgot about Bingo, but they will go the next day. (D) ask the client to bathe and dress self. CORRECT ANSWER B A confused and disoriented client is begging to go home. The nurse aide's BEST response to this client is: (A) tell the client, "This is your home." (B) take the client to the activity room. (C) ask the client to tell the nurse aide about his/her home. (D) tell the client, " We will take you home later." CORRECT ANSWER C If an alert and oriented client touches a nurse aide inappropriately, the nurse aide's BEST response is to: (A) slap the client's hand. (B) step back and ask the client not to do it again. (C) refuse to care for the client. (D) warn the client that the behavior may be punished. CORRECT ANSWER B A client with Alzheimer's disease wanders from room to room moving the belongings of other clients to different locations. Alert and oriented clients are angry that their things have been moved. The nurse aide SHOULD: (A) return the client to the client's room and close the door. (B) find the missing articles and return them. (C) walk with the client to keep from wandering. (D) assure the other clients that the client with Alzheimer's disease will not harm them. CORRECT ANSWER B Which of the following is a restraint alternative? (A) Lap buddy/tray (B) A sedative (C) Pain management (D) A hand mitt CORRECT ANSWER C Nurse aides can provide a client with a sense of security by: (A) rushing through care. (B) leaving the room without speaking. (C) explaining all routines and procedures. (D) talking to another nurse aide while providing care. CORRECT ANSWER C When caring for a client who uses a protective device (restraint), the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) assess the client once every hour. (B) assure the protective device is tight. (C) check the client's body alignment. (D) release the protective device once a shift. CORRECT ANSWER C What should the nurse aide do FIRST when changing an ostomy bag? (A) Put on gloves (B) Wash hands (C) Explain procedure to client (D) Wash area around stoma CORRECT ANSWER C When giving a back rub the nurse aide SHOULD: (A) use circular motion over bony areas. (B) position client in supine position. (C) use short, light strokes. (D) warm lotion in microwave. CORRECT ANSWER A What is the FIRST thing a nurse aide should do when finding an unresponsive client? (A) Start compressions (B) Call for help (C) Close the door (D) Call family CORRECT ANSWER B When operating a manual bed, the nurse aide should remember to: (A) elevate the client's head at all times. (B) lock the wheels when the cranks are folded. (C) fold cranks under bed. (D) keep the bed in the neutral position. CORRECT ANSWER C In what position should the nurse aide place the unconscious person when giving oral care? (A) Supine (B) Lateral (C) Prone (D) Sims' CORRECT ANSWER B The nurse aide should place soiled linen: (A) on the floor. (B) on the chair. (C) in the dirty linen container. (D) on the overbed table. CORRECT ANSWER C The BEST razor to use when shaving a diabetic client is: (A) a safety razor. (B) an electric razor. (C) a disposable razor. (D) a straight edge razor. CORRECT ANSWER B What should the nurse aide do to communicate with a client that only speaks and understands a foreign language? (A) Use gestures (B) Speak slower (C) Listen and say nothing (D) Use an interpretation guide CORRECT ANSWER D When transferring a client to a different unit, the MOST important information the nurse aide needs from the nurse is the: (A) phone number to the client's room. (B) client's medical diagnosis. (C) name of the client's spouse. (D) name and room number. CORRECT ANSWER D What is the main purpose of continuing education for the nurse aide? (A) Client safety (B) Review of skills (C) Facility compliance (D) Promotes teamwork CORRECT ANSWER A Incident reports are written in order to: (A) inform the physician. (B) notify family members. (C) identify who is at fault. (D) determine patterns and trends. CORRECT ANSWER D A button hook and a sock assist are all part of what kind of nursing care? (A) Restorative and rehabilitation (B) Activities of daily living (C) Disability and reactivity (D) Prosthetic mobility CORRECT ANSWER A When ambulating an unsteady client, it is BEST for the nurse aide to use a: (A) walker. (B) gait belt. (C) quad cane. (D) wheelchair. CORRECT ANSWER B The client's Bill of Rights includes: (A) free medical care. (B) freedom of choice. (C) access to the medicine cart. (D) access to the laundry. CORRECT ANSWER B Which of the following statements might strongly support that a client is considering suicide? (A) "I think I need to see a psychiatrist." (B) "I might as well be dead." (C) "I don't really care." (D) "We all have to go sometime. CORRECT ANSWER B The nurse aide is caring for client who answers every question by nodding and saying "yes." How will the nurse aide respond to this behavior? (A) Inform the nurse of the client's behavior (B) Ask a family member to translate for the client (C) Speak to the client with multiple medical terms (D) Shout at the client when assisting with morning care CORRECT ANSWER A The nurse aide gave a client the wrong diet. What will the nurse aide do after realizing this error? (A) Report the error immediately to the nurse (B) Ignore the error and move to the next task (C) Remove the evidence of the error (D) Blame another nurse aide for the error CORRECT ANSWER A After assisting with evening care, the nurse aide notices the client has bilateral hearing aids. The nurse aide understands that if a hearing aid is not in use, it should: (A) be placed in the client's pocket. (B) be left turned on. (C) have the battery removed. (D) be left on the client's bedside table. CORRECT ANSWER C A family member asks the nurse aide what medication the client is receiving. The nurse aide should: (A) allow the family member to read the client's medication list. (B) tell the family member what medications are given. (C) refer the family member to the nurse. (D) give the family member the client's chart. CORRECT ANSWER C The nurse aide is caring for a client whose religious beliefs do not allow the client to eat certain foods. The nurse aide should report this information to the: (A) dietician. (B) other nurse aides. (C) charge nurse. (D) client's family. CORRECT ANSWER C [Show More]

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