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CQM-C Exam 40 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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CQM-C Exam 40 Questions with Verified Answers The purpose of Construction Quality Management is to: - CORRECT ANSWER Achieve the quality established by properly developed requirements through the c... ombined responsibility, but seperate efforts of contractpr smd government personnel. Construction Quality Management is the performance of tasks, which ensure that construction is performed. - CORRECT ANSWER According to plans and specifications, on time, within a defined budget and a safe work environment. Partnering relationships are based upon: - CORRECT ANSWER Building trust and dedication to common goals It is the responsibility of Quality Assurance Personnel to: - CORRECT ANSWER Periodically verify that the contractors system of control is working effectively. An effective contractor quality control program will: - CORRECT ANSWER Be an incentive for work to be done correctly the first time resulting in earlier completion, reduced field overhead costs, and greater profits. The success or failure of all contractors is based upon: - CORRECT ANSWER The ability to control costs, finance work, estimate jobs, schedule the work, and maintain effective quality control. Quality Assurance Personnel have the responsibility to: - CORRECT ANSWER Require contractors to maintain the quality specified in the plans and specifications. Inspection is: - CORRECT ANSWER The process by which ongoing and completed work is examined During the punch-out inspection of a project: - CORRECT ANSWER Quality Assurance Personnel must assure that the contractor prepares a punch-list and makes corrections. If there is a disagreement whether the contractors work complies with the contract: - CORRECT ANSWER The government makes the final determination Characteristics that describe a definable feature of work include: - CORRECT ANSWER Cross-referenced listings to the contractors construction schedule that may have more than one definable feature under a section of the specifications. The _____________________ consists of daily checks of the work to assure continuing compliance with contract requirements. - CORRECT ANSWER Follow-up phase The Quality Assurance Plan: - CORRECT ANSWER Is a government management tool establishing staffing, training, pre-award activities, and surveillance activities. Testing is extremely important in construction quality management and is performed by: - CORRECT ANSWER Both the contractor and the government If the contractor does not provide an adequate superintendent, the contract allows the contracting officer to: - CORRECT ANSWER Require the contractor to assume personal supervision of the work. The Quality Control Plan: - CORRECT ANSWER Is the foundation upon which quality work is based and outlines planned quality control procedures. Tests that are unannounced, randomly performed, and repeat quality control tests are: - CORRECT ANSWER Quality Assurance tests If initial review of the quality control plan shows it to be unacceptable: - CORRECT ANSWER The contractor makes changes before acceptance. The contractor quality control organization: - CORRECT ANSWER May vary in size depending on the work being performed at a point in time. The Quality Control Plan contains: - CORRECT ANSWER Identification of individual quality quality control personnel, including name, qualifications, assigned duties, responsibilities and authorities. The preconstruction conference and the coordination and mutual understanding meeting (Navy) are: - CORRECT ANSWER Conducted prior to the commencement of any physical construction work. A cumulative list of job deficiencies/rework items can be found in: - CORRECT ANSWER A deficiency tracking system/reworks items list. What is a purpose of the coordination and mutual understanding and meeting (Navy)? - CORRECT ANSWER To review the QC Plan with the contractor. Which of the following is included in all three phases of the Three Phases of Control. - CORRECT ANSWER Safety. Submittals are: - CORRECT ANSWER Necessary to demonstrate that the proposed materials, etc. are in compliance with the contract. All submittals for government approval must be provided by the _________________ in time to allow for the review, approval, procurement, delivery, and performance of preparatory phase for an item before it is needed for construction. - CORRECT ANSWER Contractor to the Government The means for enforcing contract compliance are provided in the: - CORRECT ANSWER Contract clauses of the contract. ENG Form 4288-R, the submittal register: - CORRECT ANSWER Identifies those submittals requiring government approval The primary purpose of the Three-Phase control system is to: - CORRECT ANSWER Require the contractor to plan and schedule his work. The contractor is required to conduct a preparatory phase meeting before he begins any definable feature of work except when: - CORRECT ANSWER There are no exceptions to the rule. The ____________________ is the appropriate time to assure that all materials and/or equipment have been tested, submitted, and approved. - CORRECT ANSWER Preparatory phase The ____________________ is workmanship oriented, and where workmanship standards are established. - CORRECT ANSWER Initial phase The contract requires the contractor to submit quality control reports: - CORRECT ANSWER Daily. The Quality Control report should address: - CORRECT ANSWER Both work completed and control activities The Quality Assurance Report is the governments record of project-related events and is prepared _______________. - CORRECT ANSWER For each visit day Grounds for withholding payment include the contractors failure to: - CORRECT ANSWER Perform in accordance with the terms of the contract, provide a Quality Control Plan giving assurance of intent and ability to comply with quality standards, and build to the quality standards established by the contract. Actual construction on the job site begins: - CORRECT ANSWER After an interim or final QC Plan is accepted. Contractor testing procedures: - CORRECT ANSWER Are outlined in the Quality Control Plan as defined by Section 01450N/01451A and addressed at the Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meeting (Navy). Requests for information are submitted to: - CORRECT ANSWER Ask for clarification of the contract Design-Build contracts require: - CORRECT ANSWER The QC Manager to be in place and take an active role in the review and coordination of the design. [Show More]

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