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CM 210 Exam 2|68 Questions with Verified Answers 5 most common building structure materials - CORRECT ANSWER -steel frame -concrete masonry units - concrete tilt up -cast in place conc. -wood f... rame assembly of steel frame - CORRECT ANSWER 1. columns 2 beams assembly of concrete masonry units - CORRECT ANSWER walls/ lintels assembly of concrete tilt up - CORRECT ANSWER 1. cast slab or SOG ii. Walls Forms / Inbeds iii. Place / Strip Walls iv. Stand / Brace Walls v. Roof Structure Assembly of cast in place concrete - CORRECT ANSWER i. Wall Forms / Inbeds ii. Place / Strip Walls iii. Falsework (Job built or Flying Forms) iv. Slab Forms / Inbeds v. Strip / Reshore Slabs vi. repeat per floor assembly of wood frame - CORRECT ANSWER i. Walls ii. Roof (trussed or conventional) iii. Ceilings types of steel concrete buildings - CORRECT ANSWER i. Pre-fabricated ii. Custom, One time Builds types of CMU buildings - CORRECT ANSWER big box types of Concrte tilt up - CORRECT ANSWER i. Industrial Offices ii. Warehouses iii. Production Facilities iv. Transportation Hubs types of cast in place concrete buildings - CORRECT ANSWER i. Mixed Use ii. Parking Garages iii. Public Works Facilities iv. Intuitional Facilities types of wood frame buildings - CORRECT ANSWER i. Single and Multi-Family Facilities ii. Light Commercial Buildings iii. Schools 3 basic methods of wood framing systems and common uses - CORRECT ANSWER a. Platform, most common b. Balloon, clearstory c. Timber, post and beam board foot formula - CORRECT ANSWER i. Formula (w x d) / 12 x length ii. 2 x 4 x 10' long = 6.7 BF iii. 2 x 12 x 10' long = 20.0 BF Explain the difference between Individually Morality and Individual Ethics. - CORRECT ANSWER Individual Moral Code: is sometimes referred to as a person's value system. • Individual Ethical Code: the decisions you make, and the actions you take, in which your individual moral code is applied. Define the purpose and major elements a Business a "Code of Ethics" addresses. - CORRECT ANSWER Written document providing guidelines of expected employee behavior within an organization or profession Components:1. Fairness and Honesty in all business dealings. 2. Rights of Employees 3. Personal & Corporate Conflicts of Interest Define "CSR" and list the five benefits to the corporation. - CORRECT ANSWER An outward look towards the impact a company has on the community in which the companies' offices and projects are located. • Benefits of a CSR program to the Corporation: 1. Improved image and reputations. 2. Attracting new customers and investors. 3. Compete in the industry more effectively. 4. Positive image on relationships with local communities. 5. Employees tend to behave more ethically in companies with a strong commitment to CSR what is corporate proprietary information is and the employment document used to protect it - CORRECT ANSWER Sensitive & confidential internal corporation information protected from the public. • Confidentially and Non-Disclosure Agreements List the five Corporate "Best Practices" that our industry must adapt to curtail Unethical Behavior? - CORRECT ANSWER The use of a written of a company Code of Ethics. • The existence, and continued use, of ethics training programs. • Presence of a reward systems for those who act ethically. • Whistleblower protection for those who report ethical violations. • Contributions to industry, as a whole, by helping to raise "Ethical Behavior Awareness" Recite and explain the seven main methods architectural plans used to communicate information - CORRECT ANSWER Graphic - Symbols • Graphic - Shading • Lines - Main and Minor Objects • Lines - Dimension and Extension • Text - General Notes • Text - Sheet Notes • Text - Schedules Name at least 5 different types of architectural schedules and the information provided on them - CORRECT ANSWER Doors & Hardware • Windows • Signage • Room Finishes • Project Colors Describe the differences between General Notes and Sheet notes. - CORRECT ANSWER General Notes • Apply to all sheets within a specific engineering discipline. • Usually not keyed to call outs on the plans • Sheet Notes • Apply specifically to the sheet they are listed on. • Usually keyed to notes on the particular plan they are on. two main uses for plan dimensions - CORRECT ANSWER Quantity take-off for estimating • Layout for construction • Confirm all product dimensions shown on the plans with the actual approved product submittals and shop drawings for layout. Explain the types and users for different building elevations - CORRECT ANSWER • Presentation • Working Define the purpose of a Foundation System and what types of loads and forces must the resist. - CORRECT ANSWER Provide a base to distribute the weight (loads) and force loads of the structure onto the soil evenly. • Live and Dead Loads • Wind (uplift), Earthquake (seismic), Water (hydrostatic) Describe the four factors that affect soils bearing capacity. - CORRECT ANSWER Soil Texture • Compaction Freezing • Water Content components of piles - CORRECT ANSWER (deep foundations) driven piles drilled piles components of Footings (shallow foundations) - CORRECT ANSWER Pile Caps • Column or isolated footings • Continuous • Grade Beam components of stem walls - CORRECT ANSWER Concrete • Masonry • Wood (pony wall) • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Types of foundation systems - CORRECT ANSWER soil piling footings stem walls slab on grade suspended slab raised floors components of suspended slab - CORRECT ANSWER Corrugated (metal decking) • Ribbed (precast T's) • Waffle components of raised floors - CORRECT ANSWER Post and Beam • Floor Joists methods to prevent concrete cracking - CORRECT ANSWER forms reinforcing types of joints in forms - CORRECT ANSWER Control Joint • Construction Joint • Isolation Joint types of concrete reinforcing - CORRECT ANSWER Rebar • WWF • Post Tension Residential floor plans scale is generally - CORRECT ANSWER 1/4" Commercial Floor plans scale is generally - CORRECT ANSWER 1/8" Elevations - CORRECT ANSWER views of a structure projected from the floor and roof plans. Working elevations - CORRECT ANSWER Used by the designer to illustrate building features (exterior finishes, slopes, site grades, hard and landscape features) • Used by the builder to construct the structure Soil Bearing Capacity - CORRECT ANSWER The bearing capacity of the soil determines the amount of weight a square foot of soil can support. PSF = pounds per square foot) Soil Texture - CORRECT ANSWER affects soil's ability to resist the foundation's load. • Each soil type has a maximum bearing capacity in #/SF • Soil type dictates foundation design type Water Content (soil) - CORRECT ANSWER causes soil to shrink or swell, which can cause the foundation to crack. soil compaction (foundations) - CORRECT ANSWER Increases bearing capacity by vibrating, tamping, rolling, or temporary weight Freezing (soil) - CORRECT ANSWER causes soil to expand and contract, which can cause the foundation to crack. • Foundation must be built below the frost line. Pile Cap - CORRECT ANSWER - a thick concrete mat that is poured atop a pile(s) to distribute the load evenly onto the pile(s) and create a footing for the foundation of the structure. Isolated or Column Footing - CORRECT ANSWER - Isolated footings poured to distribute the point load of a column evenly into the soil. Continuous Footing - CORRECT ANSWER generally found at the perimeter of simple structures foundation and are used to uniformly distribute the roof loads evenly into the soil. Continuous footings are also used on the to distribute interior bearing wall loads into the soil. Grade Beams - CORRECT ANSWER - are associated with piling or drilled pier foundations. Grade beams connect piling, piers or pile caps and are used to help distribute the structures load into the footing system. Grade beams are poured approximately at grade Dimension Stringing - CORRECT ANSWER In order to determine the depth of a foundation system, a dimension string must be produced from finish floor (FF) to bottom of footing (BOF) at each footing type Stem Walls - - CORRECT ANSWER associated with continuous footings are short walls extending from the footing to the bottom of a wall or floor joists. These elements assist with wood earth separation and moisture control. Slab on Grade (SOG) - CORRECT ANSWER A concrete slab placed on grade, sometimes having insulation board or an impervious membrane beneath it. Suspended Slab - CORRECT ANSWER are self-supported slabs. Three separate design options improve the strength-to-weight ratio Falsework - CORRECT ANSWER - a temporary structure built to support the forms, material, and men during construction Raised Floors - CORRECT ANSWER construction method that allows the flooring system to be installed above the plane of the surrounding earth using a footing / stem wall or pier / grade beam footing system types of nailing - CORRECT ANSWER Face nailing - End nailing - Toe nailing - Blind nailing Morality: - CORRECT ANSWER manner, proper. or standard of behavior. What is, or is not, acceptable. Cultural or Social Moral Code: - CORRECT ANSWER acceptable behavior that is developed within a culture or social system Individual Moral Code - CORRECT ANSWER is sometimes referred to as a persons value system ethics - CORRECT ANSWER The application of morality, distinguishing between good and evil, right and wrong Ethical Code - CORRECT ANSWER expected behavior that is developed within a culture or social system Individual Ethical Code - CORRECT ANSWER the decisions you make, and the actions you take, in which your individual moral code is applied. Business Ethics - CORRECT ANSWER is applied ethics that examines ethical dilemmas that arise in a business environment Conflict of Interest - CORRECT ANSWER a situation in which a professional individual is in a position to derive personal benefit (gain) from actions or decisions made in their official (corporate) capacity. Business Code of Ethics: - CORRECT ANSWER written document providing guidelines of expected employee behavior within an organization or profession. Organization don't want to condone bad, dishonest or irresponsible behavior. Components of business code of ethics - CORRECT ANSWER Fairness and Honesty in all business dealings. - Rights of Employees - Personal & Corporate Conflicts of Interest. Corporate Social Responsibility - CORRECT ANSWER an outward look (ethics and compliance programs are internal operations) towards the impact a company has on the community in which the companies offices and projects are located. Triple Bottom Line - CORRECT ANSWER : the definitive measures (results) that corporations use to evaluate their sustainability initiatives of the targeted areas: Proprietary Information - CORRECT ANSWER sensitive information that is confidential within a corporation that is protected from the public. This information relates to its employees, clients, and means and methods of doing business within the industry Reasons for Digital Storage of Proprietary Information - CORRECT ANSWER Highly portable - Easily accessed - Inexpensive [Show More]

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