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PSYC 3050 Exam 1|104 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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PSYC 3050 Exam 1|104 Questions with Verified Answers I/O psychology - CORRECT ANSWER The application of psychological principles to the workplace (anywhere that people work) Technical psychology... - CORRECT ANSWER I psychology Relational psychology - CORRECT ANSWER O psychology Personnel psychology that is usually related to HR - CORRECT ANSWER I psychology This psychology usually relates to organizational behavior - CORRECT ANSWER O psychology This psychology is composed of JA, measurement, and performance appraisal - CORRECT ANSWER I psychology This psychology is composed of selection, employment law, and training - CORRECT ANSWER I psychology This psychology is composed of motivation, work attitudes, and leadership - CORRECT ANSWER O psychology This psychology is composed of work-family, stress and worker well-being, and group processes/teams - CORRECT ANSWER O psychology How are I/Os trained? - CORRECT ANSWER APA and SIOP I/O academic areas... - CORRECT ANSWER Teach and research I/O applied areas... - CORRECT ANSWER Consult and research I/O psychologists in the academic field work in... - CORRECT ANSWER Psychology, management, human resources I/O psychologists in the applied field work in... - CORRECT ANSWER Government scientist, organizational consultant Examples of I/O psychologist jobs - CORRECT ANSWER Professor, psychologist, data scientist, management 4 founding figures of I/O psychology - CORRECT ANSWER Scott, Munsterberg, Taylor, Gilbreth Walter Dill Scott - CORRECT ANSWER Started in academia and then helped the army with the recruiting process Hugo Munsterberg - CORRECT ANSWER Considered the father of I/O psychology Frederick W. Taylor - CORRECT ANSWER Known for the Principles of Scientific Management Lillian Moller Gilbreth - CORRECT ANSWER Known for time and motion studies Robert Yerkes - CORRECT ANSWER APA president who developed intelligence tests for placing people in the army Army Alpha - CORRECT ANSWER Intelligence test made by Yerkes; used to determine what class soldiers would be put in Army Beta - CORRECT ANSWER Intelligence test made by Yerkes; used by the army for soldiers who could not read Hawthorne Studies - CORRECT ANSWER Experiment that experimented whether organizations help with productivity; a series of studies during the 1920s and 1930s that provided new insights into individual and group behavior AGCT - CORRECT ANSWER Used to place people in the army during the WWII to the mid 1960s What emerged during WWII to the mid 1960s? - CORRECT ANSWER Military research centers Examples of military research centers - CORRECT ANSWER ARI, AFHRL During WWII to the mid 1960s, there was an increase in I/O ________. - CORRECT ANSWER Graduate training programs Division 14 of APA - CORRECT ANSWER About I/O psychology IRB - CORRECT ANSWER Institutional Review Board; reviews methods in experiments to make sure they are ethical __________ resulted in the ASVAB. - CORRECT ANSWER Project A ASVAB - CORRECT ANSWER A multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military Methodological innovations - CORRECT ANSWER Meta-analyses, multi-level modeling What influenced governmental policies in the mid 1980s to 2000s? - CORRECT ANSWER The Civil Rights Act of 1991, American Disabilities Act of 1990 Top 10 workplace trends for 2019 - CORRECT ANSWER AI and machine learning Diversity, inclusion, and equity Working with big data "Gig economy"--contract work Sexual harassment, #metoo at work Automation of jobs and tasks The changing nature of work Data visualization and communication Creating agile organizations Work-life balance interventions Theory - CORRECT ANSWER A statement that proposes to explain relationships among phenomena of interest First form theory then test theory by collecting data - CORRECT ANSWER Deductive reasoning Reasoning from specific to general - CORRECT ANSWER Inductive reasoning Reasoning from general to specific - CORRECT ANSWER Deductive reasoning Start with data and culminate in theory - CORRECT ANSWER Inductive reasoning 5 steps in the model of research process - CORRECT ANSWER Statement of the problem Study design Measurement of variables Data analysis Report findings Internal validity - CORRECT ANSWER Extent to which we can draw causal inferences from a study External validity - CORRECT ANSWER Extent to which we can generalize findings to real-world settings IV - CORRECT ANSWER Predictor and antecedent DV - CORRECT ANSWER Outcome and criterion Mediator - CORRECT ANSWER The explanation for the effect; the why or cause from the IV or DV Example of mediators - CORRECT ANSWER Job demands make you feel exhausted which makes you might want to quit Moderator - CORRECT ANSWER Contextualizes the effect; tells us about the strength or direction of the relationship Example of moderators - CORRECT ANSWER The availability of job resources may make you quit or keep your job Test-retest reliability - CORRECT ANSWER The stability of a test over time Equivalent forms reliability - CORRECT ANSWER The extent that two independent forms of a test are equivalent measures of the same construct Internal consistency reliability - CORRECT ANSWER The inter-relatedness of the items; most common used method of reliability Interrater reliability - CORRECT ANSWER Consistency among raters Content validity - CORRECT ANSWER How well a test measures every element of the attribute SME - CORRECT ANSWER People with in-depth knowledge and expertise on the subject you are attempting to document Face validity - CORRECT ANSWER This validity asks if the test appears valid to those who are taking it Construct validity - CORRECT ANSWER This validity examines how well a test measures the attribute it claims Convergent validity - CORRECT ANSWER Happens when high correlation with another test measuring the same construct Divergent validity - CORRECT ANSWER Happens when low correlation with another test measuring a different construct Criterion validity - CORRECT ANSWER This validity examines how well a test predicts some external outcome Concurrent validity - CORRECT ANSWER The IV and DV are measured at the same time Predictive validity - CORRECT ANSWER The IV is measured first and the DV is measured later in time Random assignment - CORRECT ANSWER Each participant has an equally likely chance of being assigned to each condition Manipulation - CORRECT ANSWER Systematic control, variation, or application of one or more IVs Lab/field experiments - CORRECT ANSWER Random assignment and manipulation of IVs in a lab setting or in a naturally occurring setting Quasi-experiments - CORRECT ANSWER Field experiment without random assignment Non-experiment - CORRECT ANSWER No random assignment or manipulation Data collection techniques - CORRECT ANSWER Observations, archival research, survey, meta-analysis Self-administered survey - CORRECT ANSWER Survey that the actual clients fill out on their own time Investigator-administered survey - CORRECT ANSWER Like an interview because someone is asking the client the questions 3 types of ESM - CORRECT ANSWER Event-contingent Signal-contingent Interval-contingent Event-contingent - CORRECT ANSWER Used to complete when certain events are experienced Signal-contingent - CORRECT ANSWER Requests response at varying times each day Interval-contingent - CORRECT ANSWER Receives survey at certain times each day Meta-analysis - CORRECT ANSWER Method to conduct a quantitative review on the relationship between two variables APA code of research ethics - CORRECT ANSWER Right to informed consent, privacy, confidentiality, protection from deception, debriefing Measures of central tendency - CORRECT ANSWER Mean, median, mode Measures of dispersion - CORRECT ANSWER Range, variance, standard deviation Correlation - CORRECT ANSWER Strength of the relationship between two variables; tells us about the magnitude and direction of a relationship Regression - CORRECT ANSWER When you only have one predictor Multiple regression - CORRECT ANSWER When you have multiple predictors Job analysis - CORRECT ANSWER Formal procedure by which the content of work is defined in terms of activities performed and attributes needed to perform the job 3 types of job analysis - CORRECT ANSWER Task-oriented, worker-oriented, hybrid KSAOs - CORRECT ANSWER Knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics Task inventory approach - CORRECT ANSWER Specific tasks associated with a job What type of JA is task inventory approach? - CORRECT ANSWER Task-oriented FJA - CORRECT ANSWER Functional job analysis; data obtained on what tasks a worker does and how those tasks are performed What type of JA is FJA? - CORRECT ANSWER Task-oriented PAQ - CORRECT ANSWER Position analysis questionnaire What type of JA is PAQ? - CORRECT ANSWER Worker-oriented CMQ - CORRECT ANSWER Common metric questionnaire What type of JA is CMQ? - CORRECT ANSWER Worker-oriented O*NET - CORRECT ANSWER Developed by the US department of labor What type of JA is O*NET? - CORRECT ANSWER Hybrid C-JAM - CORRECT ANSWER Combination job analysis method What type of JA is C-JAM? - CORRECT ANSWER Hybrid Cognitive task analysis - CORRECT ANSWER Identifying mental demands needed to perform tasks proficiently Personality-based JA (e.g.: PPRF) - CORRECT ANSWER Personality-related position requirement form Differences between CM and JA - CORRECT ANSWER CM less methodologically rigorous CM addresses organizational strategy JA = descriptive CM = prescriptive/future-oriented CM broader in focus EEOC - CORRECT ANSWER Enforces laws to prevent unfair treatment on the job due to sex, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or age Important legislations - CORRECT ANSWER Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964) Age Discrimination Act (1967) Pregnancy Discrimination Act (1978) Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) The point method - CORRECT ANSWER Determine compensable factors SMEs judge all jobs on each compensable factor Points for factors are summed Plot actual salaries for each job against point totals Form "line of best fit"; points under are underpaid jobs while points over are overpaid jobs Comparable worth - CORRECT ANSWER People performing jobs of comparable worth to the organization should receive comparable pay Equal Pay Act - CORRECT ANSWER Equal pay for equal work [Show More]

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