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Telemetry Exam 44 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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Telemetry Exam 44 Questions with Verified Answers Cardiac Output (CO) - CORRECT ANSWER 4-8 L/min, SV x HR SA node - CORRECT ANSWER pacemaker 60-100 bpm AV Node/Junction - CORRECT ANSWER 40-50... Ventricles - CORRECT ANSWER 20-30 PR interval - CORRECT ANSWER 0.12-0.20 QRS complex - CORRECT ANSWER 0.04-0.12 (longer than 0.12 is block) QT interval - CORRECT ANSWER 0.34-0.43 Heart Rate Sequence Method - CORRECT ANSWER 300-150-100-75-60-50 telemetry - CORRECT ANSWER the science and technology of automatic measurements transmission of data by radio or other means from remote sources to receiving stations for recording and analysis human treatment of animals - CORRECT ANSWER state or federal permits - institution animal care use committee - IACUC wildlife sampling techniques - CORRECT ANSWER camera trapping nets wire traps cages radio telemetry influence on behavior - CORRECT ANSWER study behavior post attachment consider periods of stress use appropriate attachment pros of radio telemetry - CORRECT ANSWER alternative is GPS- expensive this inexpensive radio vs. GPS - CORRECT ANSWER triangulation vs. trilateration - GPS is more accurate - greater initial cost - less travel and labor - easier to locate moving target - better data processing transmitter - CORRECT ANSWER can be internal or external internal infrequently used external: collar, harness, glue dispersal - CORRECT ANSWER when which individuals how far home range - territories habitat use - dens, nests, types human impacts survivorship & mortality behavior interactions migration timing and route radio telemetry (monitoring movement) steps - CORRECT ANSWER - transmitter - radio collar - receiver - antenna - compass radio telemetry - CORRECT ANSWER the transmission of information from a transmitter on a free ranging wild animal telemetry - CORRECT ANSWER Attaching a device to an organism that relays biological information -Can monitor location, behavior, physiology -Information relayed via ultrasonic or radio signals to receiver Transmitter - CORRECT ANSWER a device attached to an animal that emits a signal Hertz (Hz) - CORRECT ANSWER a measure of the frequency of a signal; one cycle/second Ultrasonic signal - CORRECT ANSWER 20-300 KHz (AM radio = 550-1,600 KHz) Radio signal - CORRECT ANSWER 27-300 MHz (FM radio = 88-108 MHz) Transponder - CORRECT ANSWER transmitter sends signal in response to one sent to it -PIT (passive integrated transponder) tag -Used to identify fish Transmitter Signals (1) - CORRECT ANSWER Battery powers transmitter: (majority of volume and weight) Continuous signal Transmitter Signals (2) - CORRECT ANSWER Pulsing signal, most common: -Conserves battery life -Transmitter generally 'on' 2-4% -Pulse characteristics can identify individuals: <Pulse length - on time <Pulse rate - number of pulses per unit of time <Pulse interval - time between pulses 3 things of a Receiver - CORRECT ANSWER 1) filters input signals 2) amplifies the signal 3) converts to useable form Limiting factors for a reciever - CORRECT ANSWER 1) signal level 2) noise Receiver - CORRECT ANSWER -Has narrow frequency bandwidth to exclude noise -One can hear or remotely detect the signal Bandwidth - CORRECT ANSWER the range of frequencies that will pass through the receiver's filters Radio Telemetry system - CORRECT ANSWER Signal (electromagnetic vibration) produced by oscillator circuit, transmitted by antenna, Signal picked up by antenna, sent to radio receiver Radio Telemetry system: Transmission signal dependent on... - CORRECT ANSWER -Depth - exponential decrease -'High' conductivity water - impedes, not good in salt water -Reflection - as from thermocline -Noise - such as power lines, citizen radios Ultrasonic (acoustic) systems - CORRECT ANSWER Transmitter has transducer, which produces ultrasonic vibrations Ultrasonic (acoustic) systems: Signal affected by... - CORRECT ANSWER -Spreading - signal decreases with depth -Absorption - increased absorption with 1) increasing frequency, 2) increasing salinity, and 3) decreasing temperatures -Noise - e.g. wind, boat engine, wave action, and biological sources Hydrophone (Ultrasonic (acoustic) systems) - CORRECT ANSWER receives vibrations, converting to electrical impulses, then to receiver (audible sound or automated) Radio Best for: - CORRECT ANSWER -Low conductivity water -Turbulent water -Shallow water Ultrasonic Best for: - CORRECT ANSWER -Salt water or high conductivity waters -Deep water (but adversely affected by thermocline) Combined acoustic and radio transmitter (CART) - CORRECT ANSWER Used on anadromous fish, e.g. Atlantic salmon Coding transmitter signal - CORRECT ANSWER -Can identify individuals -By differences in pulse rate, pulse interval, frequency, etc. -If many transmitted animals in same area: Signals can overlap, preventing identification Sensing transmitters detect... - CORRECT ANSWER -Water temperature -Depth -Motion (mortality sensing) -Salinity -Physiological parameters, e.g. heart rate Attaching a transmitter - CORRECT ANSWER Transmitter should not > 2% if weight of fish External Attachment - CORRECT ANSWER -Drag and balance issues -Can snag objects -Can cause abrasions Internal Attachment - CORRECT ANSWER -No drag, cannot snag, less likely to cause abrasions -Stomach insertion through mouth by tube or ingested bait: may be regurgitated or excreted -Surgical impantation into body cavity: best method for long-term attachment, 'Sterile' conditions, some fish expel trans-intestinally (channel and blue catfish) Methods of Tracking - CORRECT ANSWER -Boat -Airplane or triangulation (radio signal) -Appearance at remote, automated receivers -Satellites: Pelagic marine animals (whales, sea turtles, porpoises, tuna) that periodically surface or are near surface -Used to monitor salmon movement up spawning streams in remote areas [Show More]

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