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AWOHNN Module 2 Exam Questions and Answers 100% Solved

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AWOHNN Module 2 Exam Questions and Answers 100% Solved Smoking increases the risk of Increase in spontaneous abortion Inflation of the ovarian pool of oocytes Multiple births Large for gestat... ional age births CORRECT ANSWER: increase in spontaneous abortion Which of the following birth outcomes may be improved by preconception and interconception care? Infant mortality Preterm birth Birth defects All of the above CORRECT ANSWER: all of the above Some foods are considered unsafe during pregnancy, and women may choose to avoid them during the preconception period. Undercooked meat and unwashed fruits and vegetables may expose women to which organism? Campylobacter Hepatitis B Salmonella Toxoplasma gondii CORRECT ANSWER: Toxoplasma gondii Women who are underweight may have difficulty conceiving due to which of the following conditions? [Show More]

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