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Telemetry Strips Exam 22 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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Telemetry Strips Exam 22 Questions with Verified Answers Ventricular tachycardia (VT) -admin epinephrine 1mg IVP -check for pulse & call code -caused by hyperkalemia -priority intervent... --> defibrillation - CORRECT ANSWER Sinus tachycardia (ST) -complication as a result of rhythm in pt w/ longstanding CAD, angina, CHF -pt just started on Adderall, anxiety, dehydration, fever -priority intervent--> check pt's temp & fluid vol status -cut caffeine - CORRECT ANSWER Ventricular fibrillation - CORRECT ANSWER sinus bradycardia -may be normal for healthy adults that are hella in shape -maybe low BP b/c reduced cardiac output--> feel fainting, dizziness, ortho hypotension, SOB, weakness, confusion -causes from meds: lanoxin, B-blockers, anticholinesterase drugs, Ca Channel blockers, narcotics -intervent--> maybe need pacemaker, det cause of low HR, hypothyroid, prevent constipation -give--> atropine IV to inc pulse >60 - CORRECT ANSWER Paced rhythm - CORRECT ANSWER Mobitz/ 2nd deg heart block type 2 -check CKMB/trop levels, have atropine ready to admin -problem in bundle branches, irreg pulse, rate is usually slow -most likely to progress to complete heart block -check lytes -rule out MI w/ trops & CKMB -echo may be useful -Atropine & pacemaker if symptomatic w/ bradycardia - CORRECT ANSWER Normal sinus rhythm (NSR) -60-100 bpm -narrow QRS - CORRECT ANSWER Atrial flutter -pt feels fatigued/SOB -priority intervent--> monitor for progression to atrial fibrillation -atria beating out of control (240-340bpm) -no PR interval -do echo -Dr may try cardioversion or carotid massage -give: B-blockers, Ca channel blockers to control ventriclar rate, anticoags for thrombus formation in atria - CORRECT ANSWER Sinus rhythm w/ PVCs - CORRECT ANSWER Wenckebach/2nd deg heart block type 1 -priority intervent--> check troponin & CKMB levels -prob in AV node, a QRS interval is completely omitted - CORRECT ANSWER Pacemaker failure to capture - CORRECT ANSWER Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) -admin verapamil 120mg PO TID -admin adenosine 6mg IVP -make sure pt have patent IV in place - CORRECT ANSWER Asystole -admin epinephrine 1 mg IVP -priority intervent--> continue chest compressions & BVM ventilation -pt is unconscious w/ no pulse or respirations - CORRECT ANSWER Atrial fibrillation (AFIB) -stat test-->CT angiogram of chest & V/Q scan -initiate/maintain bleeding precautions -priority NANDA--> ineffective protection r/t anticoag therapy for PE/CVA prevention -monitor PT, INR, PTT (assess for PE) -no P wave, QRS is narrow -most common & mostly in old ppl -biggest RF is uncontrolled HTN -assess for CVA, HF, shock -start coumadin &/or heparin -cardioversion may be attempted -give: Ca channel blockers, cordarone - CORRECT ANSWER 3rd deg heart block -admin atropine 1mg IV -priority intervent--> decreased cardiac output r/t altered HR & rhythm , bring transcutaneous pacemaker to pt's bedside -priority NANDA: risk for falls r/t dizziness, weakness & fatigue -pt is dizzy, diaphoretic, SOB - CORRECT ANSWER Bigeminy -admin coradorne 400mg PO -priority NANDA: risk for fluid vol overload r/t dec cardiac output -monitor K+, Ca+, Mg+ - CORRECT ANSWER Pacemaker failure to pace - CORRECT ANSWER Sinus rhythm w/ PVC couplet - CORRECT ANSWER Trigeminy - CORRECT ANSWER Bundle branch block - CORRECT ANSWER Normal sinus rhythm w/ PVC triplet - CORRECT ANSWER 1st deg heart block -PR interval is too long, impulses through AV node are slowed , no missed beats -no treatment if no symptoms -incentidal finding -check lytes, do echo - CORRECT ANSWER [Show More]

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