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Telemetry nurse notes Exam 49 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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Telemetry nurse notes Exam 49 Questions with Verified Answers Lowest likely dose of sotolal - CORRECT ANSWER 80mg once per day Continue warfarin on patients converted out of afib - CORRECT ANSWE... R yes\ what solution do you use for wet to dry dressing - CORRECT ANSWER unsymptomatic a-fib can be okay up to - CORRECT ANSWER 120s why is peripheral pulse not useful during a-fib RVR - CORRECT ANSWER some beats happen to quickly to get an accurate number groin site bandages can be removed and patients can shower after - CORRECT ANSWER 24 hours VQ scan is used for - CORRECT ANSWER PE test when patient is too big when is a urinary catheter okay for an immobile patient - CORRECT ANSWER when accurate I's and O's are needed essentially if they are incontinent one reason a stat lock may not be used on a patient - CORRECT ANSWER catheter is in too far and there is not enough slack. how clear does someone have to be for clonoscopy. - CORRECT ANSWER no more brown. yellow is okay. what side should patient be on for enema - CORRECT ANSWER left side how long should patient hold enema - CORRECT ANSWER up to 10 minutes best place for patient to empty enema - CORRECT ANSWER bed pan bowel preps are sometimes split in to tow halves - CORRECT ANSWER it is normal to have just one sheet to sign for an afib ablation - CORRECT ANSWER sometimes fluids are not DC'd in the MAR following an ablation, however they might be DC'd under - CORRECT ANSWER post op orders and as saline lock consider letting patients take their own eye drops - CORRECT ANSWER do we send meds to pharmacy from covid rooms? - CORRECT ANSWER no patients recommended SNF can refuse and get home health - CORRECT ANSWER truwe would they give xarelto or hold it prior to an ablation - CORRECT ANSWER hold one way to find important new orders in cerner on admission - CORRECT ANSWER ignore orders by system and focus on orders by actual doctor US of this would be good for someone who fainted? - CORRECT ANSWER carotids is it healthy if the EP study puts the patient into VF/VT - CORRECT ANSWER no, this means they are at risk of cardiac arrest. saline water is - CORRECT ANSWER in rx station extremely high troponin following PCI usually involves - CORRECT ANSWER nothing...interventions are done and a good look at the arteries was obtained. azulfidine is for - CORRECT ANSWER RA xeljanz is for - CORRECT ANSWER RA one side-effect of botox for overactive bladder is - CORRECT ANSWER urine retention when do you not have to monitor Q15 with diltiazem drip - CORRECT ANSWER after first 24 hours and when decreasing number one cause of bleeding in patients with TR bands - CORRECT ANSWER they are moving it around too much remdesivir given in ER at 1700. can give next one the next day at 1100. best way to do the flush is with another bag of 100mL - CORRECT ANSWER drug you can give for hyponatremia - CORRECT ANSWER typatan 2 tips for keeping track of discharges and new patient times. - CORRECT ANSWER write on the board in room... or on board at nurses desk or check to see when your aide got the first set of vitals. A-fib or A-flutter takes longer? - CORRECT ANSWER A-fib. which med is sometimes given before a Ct angiogram - CORRECT ANSWER metoprolol hi WBCs is more common with bacteria or virus - CORRECT ANSWER bacteria post ablation indications for colchicine? - CORRECT ANSWER chest tightness a key time to leave in IV when patient is Discharging - CORRECT ANSWER when going to hospice Which rate does a pacemaker not control? - CORRECT ANSWER fast speeds. This patient may stay in hospital for mutiple days after a stent is placed. - CORRECT ANSWER a STEMI patient write down the time of your first set of post cath vitals so that it is easier to pull thru in the computer - CORRECT ANSWER Which med is available for BP post cath? - CORRECT ANSWER labetalol ranexa treats - CORRECT ANSWER angina one key thing to do if patients don't tell you when their meal trays arrive in their room - CORRECT ANSWER send trays to nursing station hypogylcemic order set goes under - CORRECT ANSWER guidelines younger or older people more likely to get vascular thrombolysis intervention? - CORRECT ANSWER younger what is a cause of AKI in a patient with new onset a-fib? - CORRECT ANSWER cardizem drip pushed BP too low. 3 things that could help with urinary retention - CORRECT ANSWER relieve constipation get up and move around. flomax a coronary angiogram is performed during what procedure? - CORRECT ANSWER a heart cath. [Show More]

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