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ASVAB Verbal Expression Exam 55 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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ASVAB Verbal Expression Exam 55 Questions with Verified Answers Reticent - CORRECT ANSWER reserved or quiet Jurisdiction - CORRECT ANSWER an area of authority. or authorization Banal - CORREC... T ANSWER drearily predictable to the point of being trite Stilted - CORRECT ANSWER pretentious or artificial, awkward to a certain audience Perfunctory - CORRECT ANSWER automatic or done without thinking capriciously - CORRECT ANSWER acting without apparent reason or cause articulate - CORRECT ANSWER able to speak clearly and coherently exorbitant - CORRECT ANSWER extravagant purportedly - CORRECT ANSWER supposedly desiccate - CORRECT ANSWER to dry out or dehydrate dogmatically - CORRECT ANSWER very assertively, especially when it comes to things held as fact that either are not or cannot be proven extol - CORRECT ANSWER to acclaim or sing the praises of someone scathingly - CORRECT ANSWER viciously deftly - CORRECT ANSWER skillfully disparage - CORRECT ANSWER to discredit or belittle derogatory - CORRECT ANSWER unfavorable enhance - CORRECT ANSWER to improve delineate - CORRECT ANSWER to outline or describe detriment - CORRECT ANSWER disadvantage or damaging circumstance efface - CORRECT ANSWER to expunge, often by removing or covering up extravagantly - CORRECT ANSWER excessively keenly - CORRECT ANSWER sharply desitution - CORRECT ANSWER extreme poverty striated - CORRECT ANSWER striped, banded, or grooved divulge - CORRECT ANSWER to make know premonition - CORRECT ANSWER a feeling that something is going to happen qualm - CORRECT ANSWER a nagging doubt or foreboding soporific - CORRECT ANSWER sleep-inducing sophmoric - CORRECT ANSWER overconfident but immature somnambulist - CORRECT ANSWER sleepwalker etymology - CORRECT ANSWER the origin or history of a word prevaricator - CORRECT ANSWER one who tells lies or avoids the truth invalidate - CORRECT ANSWER to cancel or revoke fervidly - CORRECT ANSWER passionately rehabilitate - CORRECT ANSWER to give new life to timorously - CORRECT ANSWER fearfully transient - CORRECT ANSWER temporary trepidation - CORRECT ANSWER fearful agitation or an upset condidtion truculent - CORRECT ANSWER belligerent truncate - CORRECT ANSWER to shorten or cut off the end or something unobtrusively - CORRECT ANSWER inconspicuously Impetously - CORRECT ANSWER impulsively, acting without thinking inextricable - CORRECT ANSWER inseparably, unable to be solved forestall - CORRECT ANSWER prevent from happening inexorable - CORRECT ANSWER unstoppable incongnito - CORRECT ANSWER in disguise or anonymous brazen - CORRECT ANSWER brash or cocky boisterously - CORRECT ANSWER raucously belligerently - CORRECT ANSWER antagonistically audacious - CORRECT ANSWER boldly daring assail - CORRECT ANSWER to attack, usually with words ardor - CORRECT ANSWER enthusiasm or zeal disabuse - CORRECT ANSWER to correct a false impression anachronistic - CORRECT ANSWER outdated revere - CORRECT ANSWER to honor, to regard with respect [Show More]

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