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UWF EDF 6224 Midterm Study Exam 26 Questions with Verified Answers,100% CORRECT

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UWF EDF 6224 Midterm Study Exam 26 Questions with Verified Answers Roles of a Behavior Analyst - CORRECT ANSWER Supervise staff in the field Manage cases Assess Develop program interventions ... 5 steps of Performance Management - CORRECT ANSWER Pinpoint Measure Feedback Reinforce Evaluate This applies principles of ABA and the experimental analysis of behavior to organizations to improve individual and group performance and worker safety. - CORRECT ANSWER OBM Subspecialties of OBM - CORRECT ANSWER Behavior Systems Analysis Behavior Based Safety Performance Management Performance Pay The process of analyzing and altering elements of a system to make it efficient, effective, and productive. - CORRECT ANSWER Behavior Systems Analysis Analyzes and alters work environments to reduce injuries and promote safe behavior for both leaders and employees. - CORRECT ANSWER Behavior Based Safety Provides a precise way of analyzing work and implementing a management system to not only address the problems associated with inadequate performance but also will lead to practical ways to maximize performance in every aspect of the company's business. - CORRECT ANSWER Performance Management Payment based on schedules of reinforcement. Not the same as commission. - CORRECT ANSWER Performance Pay An evidence based approach to teach skills to a criterion. Effective because it relies on defining behavior, measuring behavior, and ensuring a criterion is met. - CORRECT ANSWER Behavioral Skills Training Behavioral Skills Training involves 4 steps: - CORRECT ANSWER Instruction Modeling Rehearsal Feedback Dixon & colleagues (2016), found ________________________ to be the most important variable for behavior analysts when supervising. - CORRECT ANSWER years of experience According to the Dixon et al. study to provide effective supervision a supervisor should provide __________________________________________. - CORRECT ANSWER more supervision hours to each individual Leblanc and Nosik (2019) reported that demand for BACB certificates has increased _____% from 2010-2017. - CORRECT ANSWER 800 According to Reid et al., supervisors have two main functions: When ____________ is needed, the supervisor provides the means to improve performance. When staff performance excels, the supervisor needs to recognize, support and ___________ that performance. - CORRECT ANSWER Improvement maintains According to Reid (2012), the most important variable in training acceptance (i.e. the best part of training) is __________. - CORRECT ANSWER The Topic Leblanc & Nosik (2019) to lead effective meetings: - CORRECT ANSWER Determine format & schedule Establish communication Open the meeting Manage meeting Close the meeting Systematically and objectively observing the quality of staff work. - CORRECT ANSWER Performance Monitoring Two types of monitoring - CORRECT ANSWER Formal and Informal PIC/NIC - CORRECT ANSWER Positive/Negative Immediate/Future Certain/Uncertain 3 ways to lower reactivity to formal staff monitoring? - CORRECT ANSWER Monitor frequently Monitor immediately upon entry Unexpected monitoring What are M&M's, according to Jason Fried? - CORRECT ANSWER Managers & Meetings When conducting a BST session, it is important to do what before it ends? - CORRECT ANSWER Ensure the participants can perform the skill Based on the relative power of consequences from Dr. Aubrey Daniels, what is the best way to provide pay as reinforcement? - CORRECT ANSWER FR schedule for completion of job tasks BST step that requires those participating to practice skills they learned. - CORRECT ANSWER Rehearsal The type of monitoring that involves Scheduling an observation time, alerting the employee, and recording instances of behaviors required to do a job well done. - CORRECT ANSWER Formal monitoring In what way does a pinpoint differ from an operational definition? - CORRECT ANSWER Behavior and the Results [Show More]

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