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Test Bank For Medical Surgical Nursing 5th Edition By Holly K. Stromberg Chapter 1-49 Latest Version 2023

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Which statement accurately describes the primary purpose of the state nurse practice act (NPA)? a. To test and license LPN/LVNs. b. To define the scope of LPN/LVN practice. c. To improve the qual... ity of care provided by the LPN/LVN. d. To limit the LPN/LVN employment placement. ANS: B While improving quality of care provided by the LPN/LVN may be a result of the NPA, the primary purpose of the NPA of each state defines the scope of nursing practice in that state. PTS:1 DIF: Cognitive Level: Comprehension REF: 2 OBJ:3 TOP: NPA KEY: Nursing Process Step: Implementation MSC: NCLEX: Safe, Effective Care Environment: Coordinated Care 2. The charge nurse asks the new vocational nurse to start an intravenous infusion, a skill that the vocational nurse has notbeen taught during her educational program. How should the vocational nurse respond? a. Ask a more experienced nurse to demonstrate the procedure. b. Look up the procedure in the procedure manual. c. Attempt to perform the procedure with supervision. d. Inform the charge nurse of her lack of training in this procedure. ANS: D The charge nurse should be informed of the lack of training to perform the procedure, and the vocational nurse should seek further training to gain proficiency. Although the other options might be helpful, they are not safe [Show More]

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